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Posted by: Wifivox
2 October, 2013 - Corporate

3G coverage in Spain

The CMT, the Spanish Communication Commission, has recently published the 3G service map for Spain. From the published data it can be extracted that an astonishing 97,7% of the Spanish population has 3G coverage today.

These results are a 7,6 points higher than in 2008. It is taken into account that the CMT only considers as 3G coverage when the speed is over 300Kbps.

In the province of Barcelona, where the Wifivox HQs are located, 3G coverage is one of the highest in Spain with a total of 99,5% of the population covered.The overall percentage keeps increasing year by year while the 3G networks keep improving in performance and speeds with the now limited 4G networks.

Wifivox relays on the most reliable 3G network in Spain with speeds reaching 7Mbps. As the device can be sent anywhere in Spain Wifivox provides a nation-wide solution for tourists visiting the country.

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