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17 August, 2021 - Corporate
We’re open!

At the new TravelWifi store in Madrid, a dedicated team of 9 people will be there to serve you from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 21:00. We’re located at Calle Postas 1, 28012 Madrid.

We hope you love the store as much as we do. In the store you’ll find a wide variety of “high-end” technological and travel items, such as smartwatches, photo and video cameras, headphones, backpacks and luggage… etc. In addition to our protagonists, the portable Wifis, which will be available for rent and purchase.

Come and meet us, ask us questions about our devices and accessories, or any questions you may have about your stay in Madrid!

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5 August, 2021 - Travel spots
Rent a pocket wifi for Bonaire

Enjoy 4G pocket wifi everywhere in Bonaire, from 7,95€ per day. Connect up to 5 devices and avoid roaming fees. Easy delivery and return!

Wifivox it’s a pocket-sized device that provides wireless Internet access wherever you go in Bonaire. You can even share your connection with your family and friends since you can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously. In Bonaire you will enjoy 1 GB per day at maximum speed for just 7.95 € per day. Once you reach the limit, speed will be reduced until the next day when you will be able to surf at maximum speed again. We also have available in Bonaire a 2 Gb/day data plan for 10.95 € per day or a 3 Gb/day data plan for 11.95 € per day.

Avoid surprises with our flat fee of 7,95 € per day! You can order your Wifivox now for your Bonaire trip in https://wifivox.com/bonaire/

The island of Bonaire, located in the South Caribbean is a natural paradise. Upon reaching its capital, Kralendijk, you’ll be able to see spectacular reefs and corals, indigenous species of plants and fauna, and a culture that blends Europe, Africa and America. Take a walk along the boardwalk from the harbor to the city’s main street, Kaya Grandi, where you’ll find all kinds of shops, restaurants and bars.

The uninhabited islet Klein Bonaire, right in front of the city, is ta paradise for divers, with impressive caves and coral reefs in a calm sea, protected from the winds.

Visit Rincón, considered the oldest settlement in the Antilles and the first town on Bonaire, with colorful buildings, cacti, and ranches. Here you can visit the Cadushy Distillery and Magazine Di Rei, the oldest building on the island.

Washington Slagbaai National Park is dedicated to the protection and restoration of the environment. It’s a compendium of unspoiled nature, in which you can observe animals and birds, find places for diving, secluded beaches, and inland lakes.

Visit all these amazing places with Wifivox to stay connected at all times wherever you are!

Check out the following useful facts before visiting Bonaire:

Average temperature and rainfall

Bonaire tipping ettiquete

Tipping in Bonaire is very common. Usually restaurants already add a 10-15% charge on the bill, if it’s not added this is the common amount expected. When it comes to taxi drivers, a 10% is much appreciated.

Currency: Dollar

TOP 3 Places to see in Bonaire:

1. Bonaire National Marine Park
2. Washington Slagbaai National Park
3. Klein Bonaire

Voltage: 220V


You may need Hepatitis B, Rabies, Hepatitis A, Yellow Fever and Typhoid vaccines.

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28 July, 2021 - Corporate
We’re turning purple!

You might have noticed the logo change and you could be wondering… what’s up with purple?

TravelWifi is the name we’ve chosen to represent our new brand and our commitment to our customers to provide the latest connectivity solutions so you can travel simply and safely. We wanted a signature color to bring it to life, and our choice was purple.

Why did we choose this color? Purple symbolizes magic, mystery and creativity – and it evokes these meanings more than any other color.
There’s also a deep symbolism associated with purple. For example, in the United States, the Purple Heart is one of the highest honors we bestow for bravery in the military service.

We chose purple because of what it represents, and for what we want to live up to.

We’re just getting started, so pardon our dust
A purple logo is just the start of what we have planned. But before we ask you to join us on the journey forward, we’d like to share where we’ve been and tell you about the building blocks that have contributed to TravelWifi.

We have physical locations around the world, and a handful of websites. There’s still work to be done, so pardon the dust. Here’s our story so far.

Building a global footprint
TravelWifi is unlike any other tele-communications company out there. We’ve joined forces with leaders in connectivity from across the globe. With experts in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the US, we now offer more ways to keep you connected. These include:

TEP – A trendy, relatable, and reliable brand with a strong following of U.S. travelers.
Travel Wifi – A brand with a strong rental customer base in Paris and highly visible partnerships in major airports and events. TravelWifi captures the spirit of travel — the perfect name that encompasses all of what we do and how we do it.
Trinus – A modern, professional, sophisticated solution with a strong B2B customer base in Latin America with unique SIM cards offerings.
Yogofi – Geared toward savvy travelers with a strong rental customer base in Asia, B2B2C capacity, and partnerships in the hospitality industry.
Bienvenue – A modern, sophisticated, service-focused offering with a strong B2B2C customer base in the hospitality and travel industries.
Wifi Republic – A leading provider of mobile Wi-Fi solutions throughout Indonesia, with a network of nearly 10,000 drop points for rented mobile hotspots.
Wifivox – The leading provider of mobile Wi-Fi solutions in Spain, offering rentable Wi-Fi hotspot devices that can be ordered online and then picked up or dropped off at major airports and approximately 2,000 locations throughout the country.

Our signature product, which is the Sapphire brand international mobile hotspot, has been trusted by the US military with tens of thousands of users.Each of our acquisitions enhances our goal of making connectivity fast, easy, and secure – no matter where your journey takes you.

Our global customer base now has access in more than 130 countries to our cloud-based SIM technology, managed network solutions, portable Wi-Fi hotspots, accessories for mobile connectivity, and travel assistance.

We want you to travel simply, with innovative connectivity solutions that keep you connected to what matters. This is our mission: The next dimension of travel. Today.

Helping you tackle the new challenge of travel
Our definition of travel has been transformed because of COVID-19. We’ll all take those journeys of a thousand miles again – but right now we are challenged to find ways to virtually conduct business, study, and explore.

Even though travel for business or leisure looks different right now, there is still a constant. Connectivity makes it possible. We make that happen. Our solutions ensure that Wi-Fi connectivity is your constant travel companion for physical and virtual travel today, and when you resume your travels in the future. Connectivity powers any kind of travel. Our products and services put it securely in your reach. We offer you that freedom, so you can Go Further.

Our journey together has only just begun
We’ve taken the first step of becoming a trusted brand around the world. You’ve started to notice our efforts with the introduction of new logos and visual changes when you visit our websites. There’s more to come.

We’ll offer new products and services to help you travel simply. We’re working to make it easier to buy or rent our products and services by completely redesigning and launching a new website. Our goal is to empower you to take advantage of every opportunity by believing in the power of possibility.

We’re so glad you found us and that you’re reading this article. Now you know the reason behind our new name, and why we’ve chosen purple to represent it. Take the next step with us. It comes with a challenge. How can we help you simply and safely? What will you accomplish when you don’t have to search for Wi-Fi connectivity because it automatically travels to you?

So after 9 years and a long journey of expansion and success, the Wifivox company says goodbye to its name and its colors to finally become TravelWifi Spain.

We’re moving to an unbeatable location in the heart of Madrid… follow us to Calle Postas nº1!

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