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13 April, 2021 - Corporate
Easy tips to reduce stress at work

Tension and stress are one of the most common obstacles affecting employee performance in the workplace. Here you’ll find some easy tips that may help you relieve stress at work.

Start the day right

Starting the morning with stress can affect you tremendously at work, getting up with not much time, having a sloppy breakfast, or dealing with traffic makes you get to work already stressed. Trying to plan your mornings better, getting up early, having a good breakfast and maintaining a positive attitude can help you a lot when it comes to facing the day with more peace of mind.

Stay away from conflict and conflicting people

Interpersonal conflicts affect physical and emotional health, especially at work. Sometimes it can be difficult not to get involved in problems between colleagues, but whenever possible it’s advisable to avoid them at all costs. If the conflict finds you, be sure to handle it calmly and respectfully so that you stay at peace with yourself. Try not to participate in gossip and don’t share too many personal opinions about religion and politics. Whenever possible, try to avoid gossipy, confrontational, and toxic people.

Keep the order

Planning ahead and staying organized can greatly reduce your stress at work. Organizing your time well means dealing with less rush, being able to meet deadlines, and being more efficient overall. Keep your workspace organized, having a clean and organized table and a computer with all the files ordered and accessible will make you feel much more relaxed and comfortable at work.

Set priorities

Sometimes feeling stressed comes down to how organized you are. Try to establish a priority list at the beginning of each week, write a list of tasks from most to least urgent and cross them off as you go through them.

Healthy lifestyle

Leading a sedentary lifestyle greatly affects stress at work, try to lead a healthy life, eat well, exercise and respect the recommended hours of sleep.

Take your time to recharge batteries

Taking “short breaks” of a few minutes throughout the workday can prevent burnout. Getting up to go to the bathroom, drinking water or watching a funny video on your phone can help you disconnect for a few moments and get back to work with better mood. If you have the chance, use your lunchtime-break to go out and stretch your legs, take a walk and get some fresh air.

Balance between work and personal life

One of the most important things is maintaining a work-life balance. Never take work home, try not to think about work problems during your free time, do not check work mail or answer requests outside of your working hours. Separating work time from personal time is key to feeling good about yourself and not reaching exhaustion and burnout at work.

Go on holiday

Take a few days off whenever you think you need them and take the opportunity to disconnect, you don’t need to travel the world, it’s also enough to take a few days off at home to recharge your batteries and come back with more strength.

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6 April, 2021 - Corporate
The most useful travel gadgets

These smart accessories can be of great help to travelers nowadays, below you’ll find a list of travel devices that can make your life much easier while on-the-go and ensure that your next trips are easier, safer and more enjoyable.

Smart suitcase

Smart suitcases are something relatively new, although we see them more and more frequently and it’s not surprising, this invention is really useful. From your own mobile phone you can locate your suitcase at all times. Some models even allow you to charge your electronic devices on it through a USB port. Take a look at this Smart suitcase model that also has handsfree system and recognition of the human body

Universal plug adapter

This useful device has become a travel essential, it’s pretty convenient to be able to carry a small all-in-one adapter that allows you to plug your devices all over the world. This universal plug is affordable and functional

Smartphone stabilizer

One of the most used accessories today, this smart gadget allows us to record much sharper videos without worrying about the uncomfortable hand shakings and take photos or selfies more easily since you can manage all the camera settings from its handle. Take a look at the DJI Osmo pocket which is both stabilizer and a very powerful camera.

Travel iron

How many times have you reached your destination and opened your suitcase to discover all the clothes all crumpled up, no matter how well you folded, there’s always something that gets all wrinkly… but don’t worry! A mini travelling iron can save your life, it takes up practically no space and is very easy to use. This travel iron from Taurus takes up little space, light and practical


The Powerbank or external battery is another of the travel essentials, it allows you to charge your devices anywhere and at any time without the need to plug anything, even while flying. Charge up to two devices at the same time with this Xiaomi powerbank


Last but not least, the Wifivox portable Wi-Fi allows you to stay connected anywhere in the world and at all times, very easy to use, convenient to transport as it takes up very little space and totally safe. Connect several devices at the same time, share it with whoever you want! Visit and rent or buy your own portable device.

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30 March, 2021 - Corporate
Tips to take better pictures with your Smartphone

If you’re interested in improving your photography skills without having to buy an expensive professional equipment, pay attention! Below you’ll find several tips to up your game and start taking quality photos using your Smartphone.

1 – Use the camera settings. Some of the settings may seem a bit complicated to use, but there are some basic ones that can easily help you improve your photos. Just by touching the screen of our device, it automatically identifies the subject of our picture and focuses. Other easy-to-use settings are brightness, contrast, saturation, among others.

2 – Keep the lens clean. Keep in mind that your Smartphone tends to get dirty all the time since we handle it a lot, therefore the lens gets easily dirty and this can be reflected in the quality of your photos.

3 – Take advantage of natural light whenever possible. This is the key factor in photography, as long as there is good lighting, both indoors and outdoors, you’ll have a much better chance to get an optimal result on your pictures.

4 – Increase the power of your lens. There are small and inexpensive gadgets that you can easily place on your Smartphone that help you significantly improve the appearance and quality of your photos.

5 – Don’t be afraid to use the grid. Framing is another very important aspect of a good photo, using the grid will allow you to adjust the image easily. Most Smartphones include this option, so we invite you to try this useful tool.

6 – Practice macro photography. This technique consists of capturing very small objects or details and expanding their scale, creating a very striking effect that significantly highlights the small details.

7 – Photo editors, our great allies. There is nothing that we cannot fix with a good editing app, from retouching the color or exposure, to adjusting the frame, increasing the light or testing the effect of the innumerable filters.

8 – Take a lot of pictures. It’s very difficult to get the perfect photo the first time, so it’s best to arm yourself with patience and start shooting till you get the desired result.

Put these helpful tips into practice and become a pro at taking pictures with your phone! Wifivox allows you to stay connected all over the world at all times so that you can share your works of art with your family, friends and social media profiles.

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