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23 June, 2021 - Travel spots
What to include in your travel first-aid kit.

When it comes to traveling, a thousand unforeseen events can arise, so it’s better to be well prepared. Be cautious and prepare a good first-aid kit with the basics that you’ll find below.

Bandages and plasters
To cover a blister on the foot due to the long distance walks or an injury for fall, bandages and plasters are a basic that you should always include.

Ibuprofen, paracetamol, aspirin… whatever your trusted pain reliever is, don’t forget to take it with you, they can always save you from unexpected back pain or the mythical headache.

Even if your destination is not sun and beach, but especially if it is, sunscreen is a must that you should always carry on your trips. It’s very important that whenever you expose yourself to the sun you protect your skin and thus avoid the dreaded burns.

Personal medicines
If you regularly follow any treatment or take vitamins on a daily basis, don’t forget them!

It never hurts to take one with you, especially if you travel with children. In these times of pandemic we live in, the thermometer can give you a clear warning of whether or not there’s something to worry about.

Anti-inflammatory ointment
Surely at some point in one of your trips you’ve taken a blow, a good ointment will reduce the inflammation and prevent the bruise from growing.

We hope you don’t end up using any of this but you know… prevention is better than cure!

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Posted by: Wifivox
9 June, 2021 - Travel spots
Best beaches for a getaway from Madrid

Summer can get a bit long in big cities, specially if there’s no beach. Let’s face it, the beach is the only thing that Madrid is missing to make it the perfect city… but don’t worry! Here are some of the closest beaches to Madrid for a weekend getaway.

Alberche beach – little over 50 km by car from Madrid, located in Aldea del Fresno. This river sand beach on the side of Alberche River becomes a claim every weekend for thousands of people ranging from Madrid to spend a day with the family and escape from urban life in an environment surrounded by greenery where the Alberche River and the Perales River converge.

Pinedo Beach – 366 km from Madrid we find Pinedo beach, southeast of Valencia. This beach is a great option to spend the weekend, calm waters and golden fine sand. You can enjoy a walk on it’s seafront which is 3km long and is full of restaurants and little beach shops.

El Saler Beach – 371 km from Madrid, located within the limits of the Albufera natural park. This is, for many, the best beach in Valencia. El Saler is undoubtedly the longest and wildest beach in the Valencian Community, an ideal place to enjoy a long and relaxing weekend surrounded by a natural and calm environment.

Malvarrosa Beach – 372 km from Madrid is the best known beach in Valencia. One of the most acclaimed options by thousands of people to enjoy a weekend at the beach. This beach stands out for its spaciousness, fine sand and calm waters, as well as for the multitude of entertainment options for all ages, both in water and outdoor activities as well as services, shops and restaurants.

Don’t hesitate this summer and enjoy a weekend at the beach, you deserve it!

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2 June, 2021 - Corporate
Meet our different devices

The best option for intrepid travelers would be our our Sapphire 2 portable hotspot, aka “the Teppy”, this device offers secure wifi connection in more than 130 countries, data at 4G LTE speeds, 12 hour battery and allows you to connect up to 5 devices at once, so you can share it with anyone you want!

A more sophisticated option would be our Sapphire T2 portable hotspot, which offers the same benefits as the S2; secure wifi connection in more than 130 countries, data at 4G LTE speeds, 12 hour battery, connect up to 5 devices at once, the difference is that this device has a 5″ HD touch screen that allows you to monitor your data usage in real-time, manage your data plan with the Sapphire App or even use Google maps.

Our powerful VSIM Guard router offers a fast 4G LTE speed, connection in more than 130 countries, allows you to connect as many devices as you want, due to it’s large antennas it provides a much greater network reach. This router is perfect for large offices, homes or settings in which a very powerful connection is needed.

The MikroTik CloudSim is a 4G Ethernet router with virtual SIM technology that offers connection in more than 130 countries around the world, with a multi-operator coverage in each country so you never have to worry about coverage problems. It is already being used in tourist accommodations, big events, work at home and as a “failover” solution when the main connection fails in an office. Our CloudSim router is resistant to water and any type of inclement weather so it can be installed both indoors or outdoors.

Whatever your need, we cover it! Visit https://wifivox.com/

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