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11 June, 2013 - Travel spots
The shortest street in Barcelona

Carrer de l’Anisadeta, measuring just 6 meters from the corner to the edge of the Santa Maria square, is the shortest street in Barcelona.

If you’ve ever visited Barcelona you may have walked through this street on countless occasions without being aware it was even a street. This little alley connects the famous Santa Maria square with Canvis Vells street, and thousands of tourists walk through it every day on their way to the Barceloneta area.

In just a few meters this street hosts 3 nameplates, 3 bollards, 3 trash bins and a tenant: the restaurant La Vinya del Senyor, which has a side access here (the main door is located in the square).

The Anisadeta street also has some history behind. The port workers had a small table installed on this street with anise and water. When their work shift ended they came here and manufactured a drink called Anisadeta (a mix of anise and water), which ended up giving name to the street.

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1 June, 2013 - Corporate
Wifivox Spotify playlists

Here you have a selection of Spotify playlists we’ve created specially for you. Enjoy!

FIB 2013 – Wifivox’s selection (18th July 2013)
A selection of the best tunes of this year’s Benicàssim Festival (Arctic Monkeys, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Killers, Primal Scream, Miles Kane, Beady Eye, etc)

Sónar 2013 – Wifivox’s selection (13th June 2013)
A special selection of some of the songs that will be played in this year’s edition of Sónar Festival in Barcelona. (Pet Shop Boys, Kraftwerk, Skrillex, Justice, Jamie Lidell, Diplo, etc)

Primavera Sound 2013 – Wifivox’s selection (1st June 2013)
A great selection of the best tunes that were played on Primavera Sound 2013 (Blur, Phoenix, Tame Impala, Django Django, Jesus and Mary Chain, etc)

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29 May, 2013 - Travel apps
Same day hotel booking apps

There are so many great apps that you can use for your trip to Spain. In this post we will talk about a special kind of hotel reservation mobile applications. There are now three different options, usually called ‘Same day hotel booking apps’. These applications will let you book a selection of daily refreshed cool hotels at a special price. The only condition is… you can only book from noon on the same day of the reservation.

The first one to ever be created was Hotel Tonight ( The app launched back in January 2011, being initially focused on the US market. This astonishingly well-designed app has recently landed to Spain. The cities with daily hotel offers are however still limited to Barcelona, Madrid and Málaga (Costa del Sol). It is still unclear if the company is planning to expand their offer to other regions in Spain. There are indeed many other cities around the word available; you can check them out right from the app.

Blink ( is considered to be the first Spanish app for reserving hotels on the same day. The app has expanded its reach to 7 countries and 163 cities. Blink has a greater penetration in Spain and includes hotels in many different cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Cuenca and Santiago de Compostela among many others. Blink offers the option to get the first night for the day after, as well as selecting up to 7 nights. Each city is divided into different areas containing up to 4 different hotels.

Really Late Booking ( is also a Spanish initiative. It promises to take no more than 10 seconds to reserve a room. The app only accepts payments via Visa, American Express and Mastercard, not through Paypal. You will be able to find hotels in 25 cities in Spain. It uses the smartphone’s GPS to find the nearest hotels around you, which makes it really fast to use if you are already in the area where you wish to spend the night.

You can check how this amazing app works in the following video:

If you are that kind of tourist who doesn’t like to plan everything in detail or somebody who likes the taste of a bit of extra adventure every now and then, then these hotel reservation apps are made for you. Why not discovering something unexpected? When you come to Spain, if you want to fully experience the great advantages of these same day reservations apps don’t forget to rent a Wifivox, your personal Wifi hotspot.

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