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August 17th, 2021 in Corporate
We’re open!

At the new TravelWifi store in Madrid, a dedicated team of 9 people will be there to serve you from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 21:00. We’re located at Calle Postas 1, 28012 Madrid.

We hope you love the store as much as we do. In the store you’ll find a wide variety of “high-end” technological and travel items, such as smartwatches, photo and video cameras, headphones, backpacks and luggage… etc. In addition to our protagonists, the portable Wifis, which will be available for rent and purchase.

Come and meet us, ask us questions about our devices and accessories, or any questions you may have about your stay in Madrid!

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July 28th, 2021 in Corporate
We’re turning purple!

You might have noticed the logo change and you could be wondering… what’s up with purple?

TravelWifi is the name we’ve chosen to represent our new brand and our commitment to our customers to provide the latest connectivity solutions so you can travel simply and safely. We wanted a signature color to bring it to life, and our choice was purple.

Why did we choose this color? Purple symbolizes magic, mystery and creativity – and it evokes these meanings more than any other color.
There’s also a deep symbolism associated with purple. For example, in the United States, the Purple Heart is one of the highest honors we bestow for bravery in the military service.

We chose purple because of what it represents, and for what we want to live up to.

We’re just getting started, so pardon our dust
A purple logo is just the start of what we have planned. But before we ask you to join us on the journey forward, we’d like to share where we’ve been and tell you about the building blocks that have contributed to TravelWifi.

We have physical locations around the world, and a handful of websites. There’s still work to be done, so pardon the dust. Here’s our story so far.

Building a global footprint
TravelWifi is unlike any other tele-communications company out there. We’ve joined forces with leaders in connectivity from across the globe. With experts in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the US, we now offer more ways to keep you connected. These include:

TEP – A trendy, relatable, and reliable brand with a strong following of U.S. travelers.
Travel Wifi – A brand with a strong rental customer base in Paris and highly visible partnerships in major airports and events. TravelWifi captures the spirit of travel — the perfect name that encompasses all of what we do and how we do it.
Trinus – A modern, professional, sophisticated solution with a strong B2B customer base in Latin America with unique SIM cards offerings.
Yogofi – Geared toward savvy travelers with a strong rental customer base in Asia, B2B2C capacity, and partnerships in the hospitality industry.
Bienvenue – A modern, sophisticated, service-focused offering with a strong B2B2C customer base in the hospitality and travel industries.
Wifi Republic – A leading provider of mobile Wi-Fi solutions throughout Indonesia, with a network of nearly 10,000 drop points for rented mobile hotspots.
Wifivox – The leading provider of mobile Wi-Fi solutions in Spain, offering rentable Wi-Fi hotspot devices that can be ordered online and then picked up or dropped off at major airports and approximately 2,000 locations throughout the country.

Our signature product, which is the Sapphire brand international mobile hotspot, has been trusted by the US military with tens of thousands of users.Each of our acquisitions enhances our goal of making connectivity fast, easy, and secure – no matter where your journey takes you.

Our global customer base now has access in more than 130 countries to our cloud-based SIM technology, managed network solutions, portable Wi-Fi hotspots, accessories for mobile connectivity, and travel assistance.

We want you to travel simply, with innovative connectivity solutions that keep you connected to what matters. This is our mission: The next dimension of travel. Today.

Helping you tackle the new challenge of travel
Our definition of travel has been transformed because of COVID-19. We’ll all take those journeys of a thousand miles again – but right now we are challenged to find ways to virtually conduct business, study, and explore.

Even though travel for business or leisure looks different right now, there is still a constant. Connectivity makes it possible. We make that happen. Our solutions ensure that Wi-Fi connectivity is your constant travel companion for physical and virtual travel today, and when you resume your travels in the future. Connectivity powers any kind of travel. Our products and services put it securely in your reach. We offer you that freedom, so you can Go Further.

Our journey together has only just begun
We’ve taken the first step of becoming a trusted brand around the world. You’ve started to notice our efforts with the introduction of new logos and visual changes when you visit our websites. There’s more to come.

We’ll offer new products and services to help you travel simply. We’re working to make it easier to buy or rent our products and services by completely redesigning and launching a new website. Our goal is to empower you to take advantage of every opportunity by believing in the power of possibility.

We’re so glad you found us and that you’re reading this article. Now you know the reason behind our new name, and why we’ve chosen purple to represent it. Take the next step with us. It comes with a challenge. How can we help you simply and safely? What will you accomplish when you don’t have to search for Wi-Fi connectivity because it automatically travels to you?

So after 9 years and a long journey of expansion and success, the Wifivox company says goodbye to its name and its colors to finally become TravelWifi Spain.

We’re moving to an unbeatable location in the heart of Madrid… follow us to Calle Postas nº1!

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July 6th, 2021 in Corporate
Rent a pocket wifi for Armenia

Enjoy 4G pocket wifi everywhere in Armenia, from 8,95€ per day. Connect up to 5 devices and avoid roaming fees. Easy delivery and return!

Wifivox it’s a pocket-sized device that provides wireless Internet access wherever you go in Armenia. You can even share your connection with your family and friends since you can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously. In Armenia you will enjoy 1 GB per day for just 8.95 € per day. Once you reach the limit, speed will be reduced until the next day when you will be able to surf at maximum speed again.

We also have available in Armenia a 2 Gb/day data plan for 15.95 € per day or a 3 Gb/day data plan for 20.95 € per day.

Avoid surprises with our flat fee of 8,95€ per day! You can order your Wifivox now for your armenian trip in https://wifivox.com/armenia/

Armenia’s capital, Yerevan, is a welcoming city with a beautiful impressive architecture. This city is centuries old, it is even older than Rome!
We recommend visiting its historic center known for its architectural buildings, cute cafes and restaurants, and beautiful parks. Right in city-center we can find the Republic Square, surrounded by important buildings such as the Museum of the History of Armenia and the Government House.

Echmiadzin’s town is another must-see, located about 30 min from Yerevan. Echmiadzin’s Cathedral was built to commemorate the adoption of Christianity by Armenia as its state religion. Built on the site of an ancient pagan temple, Echmiadzin is the religious point of all Armenians.

The city of Sevan is one of the most popular cities in Armenia due to the impressive Lake Sevan. Considered one of the highest lakes in the world, they say that sometimes it seems that its blue waters are about to touch the sky. Sevan is also known for its fish, the Armenian trout, so if you visit Sevan be sure to try this delicious dish.

Visit all these amazing places with Wifivox to stay connected at all times wherever you are!

Check out the following useful facts before visiting Armenia:

Average temperature and rainfall

Armenia tipping ettiquete

Tipping is a relatively new concept in Armenia, but it has become pretty well established in, especially in restaurants and cafes, where tips are now usually expected. Anything from 10-15% of the bill is fine.

Currency: Armenian dram

TOP 3 Places to see in Armenia:

1. Geghard monastery
2. Lago Sevan
3. Noravank

Voltage: 220V


It is recommended to vaccinate against hepatitis A since you can get infected through contaminated food or water in Armenia, regardless of where you are eating or staying.

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June 30th, 2021 in Corporate
Next opening: Malaga Airport – Costa del Sol

In the coming months TravelWifi will open a new space at Malaga Airport – Costa del Sol, one of the Spanish airports with the highest passenger traffic.

AENA has already approved the allocation of the space to the company, which will be used for the rental and sale of its portable Wi-Fi devices.

The space will be located in Terminal 3 arrivals hall, next to the popular Duty Free, an unbeatable location.

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June 2nd, 2021 in Corporate
Meet our different devices

The best option for intrepid travelers would be our our Sapphire 2 portable hotspot, aka “the Teppy”, this device offers secure wifi connection in more than 130 countries, data at 4G LTE speeds, 12 hour battery and allows you to connect up to 5 devices at once, so you can share it with anyone you want!

A more sophisticated option would be our Sapphire T2 portable hotspot, which offers the same benefits as the S2; secure wifi connection in more than 130 countries, data at 4G LTE speeds, 12 hour battery, connect up to 5 devices at once, the difference is that this device has a 5″ HD touch screen that allows you to monitor your data usage in real-time, manage your data plan with the Sapphire App or even use Google maps.

Our powerful VSIM Guard router offers a fast 4G LTE speed, connection in more than 130 countries, allows you to connect as many devices as you want, due to it’s large antennas it provides a much greater network reach. This router is perfect for large offices, homes or settings in which a very powerful connection is needed.

The MikroTik CloudSim is a 4G Ethernet router with virtual SIM technology that offers connection in more than 130 countries around the world, with a multi-operator coverage in each country so you never have to worry about coverage problems. It is already being used in tourist accommodations, big events, work at home and as a “failover” solution when the main connection fails in an office. Our CloudSim router is resistant to water and any type of inclement weather so it can be installed both indoors or outdoors.

Whatever your need, we cover it! Visit https://wifivox.com/

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April 21st, 2021 in Corporate
Tips for traveling without speaking the local language

Go with the basics already learned. It’s not necessary to speak a language fluently to travel abroad, however, if you do not speak the language, it’s advisable to spend a little time learning basic words and phrases that will surely be useful to you. You’d not believe how much it can help you to know few basic words such as: “Hi, Thank you, Yes, No, Please, Bathroom, Help…”

Smiling is very useful in almost any country, except Russia where it’s not usual to smile at foreigners, but generally by being nice to the locals they’ll try to help you as much as they can despite the language barrier.

Make hand gestures. Pointing, imitating, or trying to communicate with your hands often gets your message across. Be careful because in certain countries you can offend with certain gestures, if you think this is the case and you have offended someone by mistake, ask for forgiveness, the word “sorry” in English accompanied by the gesture of putting your hands together (prayer) is known globally.

Download a translation App on your phone. The Google Translate app is a very good option, camera focus on the text you want to translate (a menu, a sign …) and the app will translate it instantly. It also makes it easy for you to have a conversation with someone, use the microphone to say what you want in your language and the app will translate it into the selected language.

Have the route from the airport to your hotel already clear. If you’ve decided to go by train or bus to the city, be very clear about which lines you should take and where to find them, airports usually have signs in English or recognizable signs. If you plan to take a taxi, find out before what they usually charge to avoid scams, and if they offer you the possibility, best option is to use your hotel’s shuttle.

Take a paper map with you in the local language. You can easily get one at your hotel, ask a receptionist to mark the places you want to visit, in case of loss, just by pointing to the place on the map they will quickly know where you want to go and will try to help you get to your destination.

IMPORTANT, take a hotel card or write down somewhere the address where you are staying, in case of loss you can always show it to someone and they will for sure help you return without problems.

Take one of our portable Wi-Fi devices with you! Stay connected anywhere in the world with Wifivox and check the internet, Google Maps or whatever you want when necessary. Visit https://wifivox.com/ and rent or buy your own portable Wi-Fi to take it with you wherever you want.

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April 13th, 2021 in Corporate
Easy tips to reduce stress at work

Tension and stress are one of the most common obstacles affecting employee performance in the workplace. Here you’ll find some easy tips that may help you relieve stress at work.

Start the day right

Starting the morning with stress can affect you tremendously at work, getting up with not much time, having a sloppy breakfast, or dealing with traffic makes you get to work already stressed. Trying to plan your mornings better, getting up early, having a good breakfast and maintaining a positive attitude can help you a lot when it comes to facing the day with more peace of mind.

Stay away from conflict and conflicting people

Interpersonal conflicts affect physical and emotional health, especially at work. Sometimes it can be difficult not to get involved in problems between colleagues, but whenever possible it’s advisable to avoid them at all costs. If the conflict finds you, be sure to handle it calmly and respectfully so that you stay at peace with yourself. Try not to participate in gossip and don’t share too many personal opinions about religion and politics. Whenever possible, try to avoid gossipy, confrontational, and toxic people.

Keep the order

Planning ahead and staying organized can greatly reduce your stress at work. Organizing your time well means dealing with less rush, being able to meet deadlines, and being more efficient overall. Keep your workspace organized, having a clean and organized table and a computer with all the files ordered and accessible will make you feel much more relaxed and comfortable at work.

Set priorities

Sometimes feeling stressed comes down to how organized you are. Try to establish a priority list at the beginning of each week, write a list of tasks from most to least urgent and cross them off as you go through them.

Healthy lifestyle

Leading a sedentary lifestyle greatly affects stress at work, try to lead a healthy life, eat well, exercise and respect the recommended hours of sleep.

Take your time to recharge batteries

Taking “short breaks” of a few minutes throughout the workday can prevent burnout. Getting up to go to the bathroom, drinking water or watching a funny video on your phone can help you disconnect for a few moments and get back to work with better mood. If you have the chance, use your lunchtime-break to go out and stretch your legs, take a walk and get some fresh air.

Balance between work and personal life

One of the most important things is maintaining a work-life balance. Never take work home, try not to think about work problems during your free time, do not check work mail or answer requests outside of your working hours. Separating work time from personal time is key to feeling good about yourself and not reaching exhaustion and burnout at work.

Go on holiday

Take a few days off whenever you think you need them and take the opportunity to disconnect, you don’t need to travel the world, it’s also enough to take a few days off at home to recharge your batteries and come back with more strength.

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April 6th, 2021 in Corporate
The most useful travel gadgets

These smart accessories can be of great help to travelers nowadays, below you’ll find a list of travel devices that can make your life much easier while on-the-go and ensure that your next trips are easier, safer and more enjoyable.

Smart suitcase

Smart suitcases are something relatively new, although we see them more and more frequently and it’s not surprising, this invention is really useful. From your own mobile phone you can locate your suitcase at all times. Some models even allow you to charge your electronic devices on it through a USB port. Take a look at this Smart suitcase model that also has handsfree system and recognition of the human body

Universal plug adapter

This useful device has become a travel essential, it’s pretty convenient to be able to carry a small all-in-one adapter that allows you to plug your devices all over the world. This universal plug is affordable and functional

Smartphone stabilizer

One of the most used accessories today, this smart gadget allows us to record much sharper videos without worrying about the uncomfortable hand shakings and take photos or selfies more easily since you can manage all the camera settings from its handle. Take a look at the DJI Osmo pocket which is both stabilizer and a very powerful camera.

Travel iron

How many times have you reached your destination and opened your suitcase to discover all the clothes all crumpled up, no matter how well you folded, there’s always something that gets all wrinkly… but don’t worry! A mini travelling iron can save your life, it takes up practically no space and is very easy to use. This travel iron from Taurus takes up little space, light and practical


The Powerbank or external battery is another of the travel essentials, it allows you to charge your devices anywhere and at any time without the need to plug anything, even while flying. Charge up to two devices at the same time with this Xiaomi powerbank


Last but not least, the Wifivox portable Wi-Fi allows you to stay connected anywhere in the world and at all times, very easy to use, convenient to transport as it takes up very little space and totally safe. Connect several devices at the same time, share it with whoever you want! Visit https://wifivox.com/ and rent or buy your own portable device.

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March 30th, 2021 in Corporate
Tips to take better pictures with your Smartphone

If you’re interested in improving your photography skills without having to buy an expensive professional equipment, pay attention! Below you’ll find several tips to up your game and start taking quality photos using your Smartphone.

1 – Use the camera settings. Some of the settings may seem a bit complicated to use, but there are some basic ones that can easily help you improve your photos. Just by touching the screen of our device, it automatically identifies the subject of our picture and focuses. Other easy-to-use settings are brightness, contrast, saturation, among others.

2 – Keep the lens clean. Keep in mind that your Smartphone tends to get dirty all the time since we handle it a lot, therefore the lens gets easily dirty and this can be reflected in the quality of your photos.

3 – Take advantage of natural light whenever possible. This is the key factor in photography, as long as there is good lighting, both indoors and outdoors, you’ll have a much better chance to get an optimal result on your pictures.

4 – Increase the power of your lens. There are small and inexpensive gadgets that you can easily place on your Smartphone that help you significantly improve the appearance and quality of your photos.

5 – Don’t be afraid to use the grid. Framing is another very important aspect of a good photo, using the grid will allow you to adjust the image easily. Most Smartphones include this option, so we invite you to try this useful tool.

6 – Practice macro photography. This technique consists of capturing very small objects or details and expanding their scale, creating a very striking effect that significantly highlights the small details.

7 – Photo editors, our great allies. There is nothing that we cannot fix with a good editing app, from retouching the color or exposure, to adjusting the frame, increasing the light or testing the effect of the innumerable filters.

8 – Take a lot of pictures. It’s very difficult to get the perfect photo the first time, so it’s best to arm yourself with patience and start shooting till you get the desired result.

Put these helpful tips into practice and become a pro at taking pictures with your phone! Wifivox allows you to stay connected all over the world at all times so that you can share your works of art with your family, friends and social media profiles.

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March 24th, 2021 in Corporate
TravelWifi opens its doors in Paris!

Finally, this ambitious project that was visualized at the end of 2019 and started in February 2020 is today a reality. The tourism industry, like many others, has been tremendously affected by the global pandemic that we’re experiencing, but despite the situation, TravelWifi did not give up this dream of opening a modern high-end store in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Paris.

The new store is located on the famous “Avenue de l’Opéra”, located in the exclusive and touristic 2nd District of Paris, it’s located right next to the elegant Opera Garnier, the luxurious Galeries Lafayette and the important Louvre museum.

In the store you can find innovative articles and travel accessories, assistance with your stay in Paris and of course our portable Wi-Fi devices. In addition, our charming team will be there to assist you Monday through Saturday from 11 AM to 5 PM.

Don’t hesitate to pay us a visit! You’ll find us at 38 Avenue de l’Opéra – 75002 Paris, corner with rue “Louis Le Grand”.

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