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October 30th, 2018 in Restaurants
A very peculiar coffee shop…

This unique café, where its clients are comic protagonists, is located in South Korea, in the city of Seoul.

This café is inspired by the Korean TV hit “W – Two Worlds” by Lee Jong – suk and Han Hyo – joo, and the whole place is geared towards it; the cups, the chairs, the tables, the pictures on the walls… all this environment makes you feel like you’re in a fantasy world.

This place may undoubtedly be one of the most original coffee shops in the world.
The café opened its doors in 2017 and is located in the popular district of Yeonman-dong, from which it receives its name “Café Yeonnam-dong”.

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September 11th, 2018 in Restaurants
Few dishes one should not miss while traveling to Spain

1. Who has not tried the Spanish “tortilla”?

It is one of the most symbolic dishes of Spanish cuisine, no doubt.
It can be tasted anywhere in the country. The Spanish omelet or potato omelette, is one of the most popular dishes, consumed in every spanish home and is the most requested tapa in every bar or restaurant.

It cannot be absent at any party or family reunion, on outings, on the beach, the mountain… Its simple recipe composed of eggs, potatoes, salt and olive oil, creates a delicacy for the mouth, affordable and can be made to consumers taste; with onion, with chorizo, with zucchini…

2. The Andalusian gazpacho

Gazpacho is one of the most typical dishes of Andalusian cuisine. It can be described as a cold soup of vegetables, it is unimaginable to spend a hot summer in the south of Spain without tasting a good cold gazpacho, although you can taste it at any time of the year. Gazpacho provides an endless number of vitamins, it is a very complete dish that fully describes the so-called Mediterranean diet.

3. The famous paella

Possibly paella is the most famous Spanish dish in the whole world, of course it is the most traditional dish of the Spanish gastronomy.
Everyone who visits Spain wants to try the typical Spanish paella, and why?
Because it is delicious, and, despite its many variations, there is an ingredient that is always present; rice.
It has its origin in Valencia and in this spectacular city is where you can best taste it.

4. Serrano ham, the jewel of Spanish cuisine

Spain’s gastronomy is very tasty and more when it comes to its ham. Its brand is the Iberian, exclusive and first class. Its quality and its flavor have made the Iberian ham a very appreciated product beyond the borders, however, nothing like tasting it in its own homeland: Spain.

5. The best for a winter day: cocido madrileño

One of the most complete dishes of Mediterranean cuisine is the cocido madrileño.
It has its origin in the capital, Madrid. This stew, whose main ingredient is chickpeas but in which bacon, meat and vegetables play an important role too, has become one of the indispensable dishes to be tried by tourists and travelers who visit the city.

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May 16th, 2018 in Restaurants
Travelling for food

Travelling around the world is always exciting and one of the best reasons to do it is for the gastronomy. To discover other cultures and its customs is something very rewarding but through food is how you really get to know a place.

In the following lines, you will find a list of some of the most attractive cities for their exquisite gastronomy.

Tokyo: it has more Michelin stars than any other city. Offers a lot of food variety adjusting to any wallet. From its traditional street food to the most exclusive restaurants and its molecular cuisine. Among the most typical plates are of course Sushi, the delicious ramen, the little balls filled with octopus called takoyaki or the famous dorayakis filled with a typical red bean sweet dough.

Singapore: food is one of its most attractive features about its culture. Singapore’s gastronomy is influenced mainly by Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisines. It is a great example of ethnic mixture and diversity of cultures. You can cook it with black pepper, chile sauce or with any other seasoning, but crab is the most typical plate in the country.

Lima: considered as the “gastronomy capital” of Latin America, its tradition is millenary. Their famous ceviche it’s considered their most exquisite plate, but Lima has more to offer… from their filled-in potatoes or their sancochado, you can find different options for everyone’s taste.

San Sebastián: maybe top destination of gastronomy in the world. Vasque cuisine is internationally known, also for their world famous chefs. San Sebastian’s food offer is well known for their great quality and seasonal products. The majority of their most typical plates include seafood; txangurro in the oven, hake kokotxas with green sauce, clams “marinera style” or roasted sea bream.

New York: being one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, NY offers an infinite number of meal choices from every nationality. As their classic and most typical American recipe, we have the famous burgers; you can’t leave NY without trying some of the most popular ones. Their giant pastrami sandwiches, hot dogs or pizza (even though this one is Italian) sum up other popular gastronomic choices you can find in this awesome city.

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Posted by: Laia Fàbregas
December 1st, 2016 in Restaurants
Spanish cuisine: new Michelin starred restaurants announced in Spain

Ever heard about the Michelin Guide? It is said that the restaurants which appear in this series of annual tourist guides always bring the very best of the countries they represent, assuring the return of the customers who visit their establishments. The more stars the restaurant has, the more tasteful and sophisticated the dishes are, making the trip always worthwhile for both tourists and locals.

Now the remaining details about the 2017 Michelin guide for Spain and Portugal have been revealed! One of the main attractions is the recognisation of Lasarte, a Barcelona restaurant run by the basque chef Martín Berasategui since 2006, as the new three-starred restaurant to join the Michelin star system. Along with Akelarre, Arzak, Azurmendi (the three of them in Basque Country) DiverXO (in Madrid), El Celler de Can Roca (in Girona), Martín Berasategui (the other restaurant of Lasarte’s owner as read above, also in Basque Country) Quique Dacosta (in Alicante) and Sant Pau (in Barcelona) the number goes up to 9 three-starred restaurants within Spain, a title definitely not granted to many. We can also find a total of 28 two-starred restaurants and 166 one-starred restaurants respectively throughout Spain. One can see that Spain is home to several remarkable restaurants, and it’s to be expected since it’s a country that has always taken pride in its cuisine.

It’s also safe to say that 2017 seems very favorable to Spanish cuisine, as these results are deemed a reconcilement of sorts between the Michelin guide and Spain itself considering the usual low amount of stars the latter is awarded with every year.

To those of you who aim to broaden your culinary horizons, enjoy gastronomic tourism or just really love to eat, we provide you a list of the best regarded restaurants of each autonomous community of Spain, so you always know where to go when in search of a finger licking meal.


Noor, Córdoba, 1 star (New entry)
Dani García, Marbella, 2 stars
Aponiente, El Puerto de Santa María, 2 stars
Kabuki Raw, Casares, 1 star
Choco, Córdoba, 1 star
La Costa, El Ejido, 1 star
Sollo, Fuengirola, 1 star
Acanthum, Huelva, 1 star
José Carlos García, Málaga, 1 star
El Lago, Marbella, 1 star
Messina, Marbella, 1 star
Skina, Marbella, 1 star
Alejandro, Roquetas de Mar, 1 star
Abantal, Sevilla, 1 star


Lillas Pastias, Huesca, 1 star
Tatau Bistro, Huesca, 1 star
Las Torres, Huesca, 1 star
Hospedería El Batán, Tramacastilla, 1 star
La Prensa, Zaragoza, 1 star


Casa Marcial, Arriondas, 2 stars
El Corral del Indianu, Arriondas, 1 star
Auga, Gijón, 1 star
La Salgar, Gijón, 1 star
El Retiro, Llanes/Pancar, 1 star
Casa Gerardo, Prendes, 1 star
Arbidel, Ribadesella, 1 star
Real Balneario, Salinas, 1 star

Balearic Islands

Adrián Quetglas, Palma de Mallorca, 1 star (New entry)
Argos, Port de Pollença, 1 star (New entry)
Zaranda, Es Capdellà, 2 stars
Andreu Genestra, Capdepera, 1 star
Es Molí d’En Bou, Sa Coma, 1 star
Es Racó d’Es Teix, Deià, 1 star
Marc Fosh, Palma, 1 star
Es Fum, Palmanova, 1 star
Jardín, Port d’Alcudia, 1 star

Canary Islands

M.B., Guía de Isora, 2 stars
Kabuki, Guía de Isora, 1 star
El Rincón de Juan Carlos, Los Gigantes, 1 star
Kazan, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 1 star


Annua, San Vicente de la Barquera, 2 stars (New entry)
Cenador de Amós, Villaverde de Pontones, 2 stars (New entry)
El Nuevo Molino, Puente Arce, 1 star
Solana, Ampuero/La Bien Aparecida, 1 star
El Serbal, Santander, 1 star

Castilla-La Mancha

Maralba, Almansa, 1 star
El Bohío, Illescas, 1 star
El Carmen de Montesión, Toledo, 1 star
Tierra, Torrico/Valdepalacios, 1 star

Castilla y León

Baluarte, Soria, 1 star (New entry)
Cobo Vintage, Burgos, 1 star (New entry)
El Ermitaño, Benavente, 1 star
Cocinandos, León, 1 star
La Botica, Matapozuelos, 1 star
La Lobita, Navaleno, 1 star
Víctor Gutiérrez, Salamanca, 1 star
Refectorio, Sardón de Duero, 1 star
Villena, Segovia, 1 star


Lasarte, Barcelona, 3 stars (New entry)
Ca l’Arpa, Banyoles, 1 star (New entry)
Céleri, Barcelona, 1 star (New entry)
La Boscana, Lleida, 1 star (New entry)
L’Antic Molí, Ulldecona, 1 star (New entry)
Xerta, Barcelona, 1 star (New entry)
El Celler de Can Roca, Girona, 3 stars
Sant Pau, Sant Pol de Mar, 3 stars
ABaC, Barcelona, 2 stars
Enoteca, Barcelona, 2 stars
Moments, Barcelona, 2 stars
Miramar, Llançà, 2 stars
Les Cols, Olot, 2 stars
Les Magnòlies, Arbúcies, 1 star
Alkimia, Barcelona, 1 star
Angle, Barcelona, 1 star
Caelis, Barcelona, 1 star
Cinc Sentits, Barcelona, 1 star
Disfrutar, Barcelona, 1 star
Dos Cielos, Barcelona, 1 star
Dos Palillos, Barcelona, 1 star
Gaig, Barcelona, 1 star
Hisop, Barcelona, 1 star
Hofmann, Barcelona, 1 star
Hoja Santa, Barcelona, 1 star
Koy Shunka, Barcelona, 1 star
Nectari, Barcelona, 1 star
Pakta, Barcelona, 1 star
Roca Moo, Barcelona, 1 star
Tickets, Barcelona, 1 star
Via Veneto, Barcelona, 1 star
Lluerna, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, 1 star
Can Jubany, Calldetenes, 1 star
Can Bosch, Cambrils, 1 star
Rincón de Diego, Cambrils, 1 star
Emporium, Castelló d’Empúries, 1 star
Estany Clar, Cercs, 1 star
Bo.Tic, Corçà, 1 star
Malena, Gimenells, 1 star
Massana, Girona, 1 star
La Fonda Xesc, Gombrèn, 1 star
Casamar, Llafranc, 1 star
Els Tinars, Llagostera, 1 star
Tresmacarrons, El Masnou, 1 star
Sala, Olost, 1 star
Els Brancs, Playa de Canyelles Petites, 1 star
Els Casals, Sagàs, 1 star
L’Ó, Sant Fruitós de Bages, 1 star
Fogony, Sort, 1 star
Capritx, Terrassa, 1 star
La Cuina de Can Simon, Tossa de Mar, 1 star
Les Moles, Ulldecona, 1 star
Ca l’Enric, La Vall de Bianya, 1 star
Villa Retiro, Xerta, 1 star


Atrio, Cáceres, 2 stars


Yayo Daporta, Cambados, 1 star
A Estación, Cambre, 1 star
Alborada, A Coruña, 1 star
Árbore da Veira, A Coruña, 1 star
Culler de Pau, Reboredo (O Grove), 1 star
As Garzas, Porto Barizo (Malpica de Bergantiños), 1 star
Nova, Ourense, 1 star
Solla, San Salvador de Poio (Pontevedra), 1 star
Pepe Vieira Camiño da Serpe, Raxo, 1 star
Retiro da Costiña, Santa Comba, 1 star
Casa Marcelo, Santiago de Compostela, 1 star
Maruja Limón, Vigo, 1 star


DSTAgE, Madrid, 2 stars (New entry)
El Invernadero, Madrid, 1 star (New entry)
Gaytán, Madrid, 1 star (New entry)
A’Barra, Madrid, 1 star (New entry)
DiverXO, Madrid, 3 stars
Coque, Humanes de Madrid, 2 stars
El Club Allard, Madrid, 2 stars
Ramón Freixa Madrid, Madrid, 2 stars
Santceloni, Madrid, 2 stars
La Terraza del Casino, Madrid, 2 stars
Álbora, Madrid, 1 star
La Cabra, Madrid, 1 star
Kabuki, Madrid, 1 star
Kabuki Wellington, Madrid, 1 star
Lúa, Madrid, 1 star
Punto MX, Madrid, 1 star
Montia, San Lorenzo del Escorial, 1 star
Chirón, Valdemoro, 1 star


Cabaña Buenavista, El Palmar, 1 star


Europa, Iruña, 1 star
Rodero, Iruña, 1 star
El Molino de Urdániz, Urdaitz, 1 star

Basque Country

Akelarre, Donostia-San Sebastián, 3 stars
Arzak, Donostia-San Sebastián, 3 stars
Azurmendi, Larrabetzu, 3 stars
Martín Berasategui, Lasarte-Oria, 3 stars
Mugaritz, Errenteria, 2 stars
Etxebarri, Axpe, 1 star
Boroa, Boroa, 1 star
Etxanobe, Bilbao, 1 star
Mina, Bilbao, 1 star
Nerua, Bilbao, 1 star
Zarate, Bilbao, 1 star
Zortziko, Bilbao, 1 star
Kokotxa, Donostia-San Sebastián, 1 star
Mirador de Ulía, Donostia-San Sebastián, 1 star
Marqués de Riscal, Elciego, 1 star
Andra Mari, Errenteria, 1 star
Elkano, Getaria, 1 star
Alameda, Hondarribia, 1 star
Zuberoa, Oiartzun, 1 star
Zaldiarán, Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1 star

La Rioja

El Portal, Ezcaray, 2 stars
Venta Moncalvillo, Daroca de Rioja, 1 star

Valencian Community

Raúl Resino, Benicarló, 1 star (New entry)
Sents, Ontinyent, 1 star (New entry)
L’Escaleta, Cocentaina, 2 stars (New entry)
BonAmb, Xàbia, 2 stars (New entry)
Quique Dacosta, Dénia, 3 stars
Monastrell, Alacant, 1 star
Casa Manolo, Daimús, 1 star
La Finca, Elx, 1 star
Casa Pepa, Ondara, 1 star
El Poblet, València, 1 star
Ricard Camarena, València, 1 star
Riff, València, 1 star
Cal Paradís, Vall d’Alba, 1 star


The Yeatman, Vila Nova de Gaia, 2 stars (New entry)
Il Gallo d’Oro, Funchal (Madeira) 2 stars (New entry)
Alma, Lisboa. 1 star (New entry)
Antiqvvm, Porto, 1 star (New entry)
Casa de Chá da Boa Nova, Leça de Palmeira, 1 star (New entry)
Lab by Sergi Arola, Sintra, 1 star (New entry)
L’And Vineyards, Montemor-o-Novo, 1 star (New entry)
Loco, Lisboa, 1 star (New entry)
William, Funchal, 1 star (New entry)
Ocean, Porches, 2 stars
Vila Joya, Albufeira, 2 stars
Belcanto, Lisboa, 2 stars
São Gabriel, Almancil, 1 star
Henrique Leis, Vale Formoso (Almancil), 1 star
Bon Bon, Carvoeiro, 1 star
Willie’s, Vilamoura (Quarteira), 1 star
Largo do Paço, Amarante, 1 star
Pedro Lemos, Foz do Douro (Porto), 1 star
Fortaleza do Guincho, Praia do Guincho (Cascais), 1 star
Eleven, Lisboa, 1 star
Feitoria, Lisboa, 1 star

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