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8 March, 2021 - Events

Happy International Women’s Day!

This International Women’s Day we want to make a special mention to several amazing women who believe in Wifivox! We are very grateful to be able to support them… get ready to be inspired.

Meet @sj.journeys
Travel planner

“This year, it’s been more important than ever to have a reliable way to stay connected to friends and family from near and far. I love that I’ll have the convenience of @Wifivox when we begin to travel again! Having this device allows me to stay connected in more than 100 countries, and the latest model has an amazing battery life so I’m never stranded while on-the-go!”.

Meet @natashalucia.lovely
CEO and Personal Brand Therapist

“There have been countless times during my travels that I wish certain people had been with me to experience special moments or places, even at times when I needed encouragement from my loved ones that were oceans away. Fortunately I found @Wifivox to keep me connected to Wi-Fi anywhere in the world and share my experience realtime.”

Meet @comeflywithmel
Cabin Crew

“As a flight attendant I travel to the most remote and exotic places. Having a reliable Wi-Fi signal is key! @Wifivox gives me a good signal at all times. Thank you @Wifivox for making my life so much easier.”

Meet @colzvidal
CPA x Entrepreneur

“2 weeks of non-stop traveling around Europe and I haven’t been disconnected from all of you once. I’ve never been lost or wasted my time on planning our itinerary, we have always been prepared thanks to @Wifivox.”


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