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28 February, 2019 - Events

How to stay connected in Barcelona during MWC 2019?

Yet another year, The Mobile World Congress is here, the most important mobile industry congress in the world. Who can afford not to stay connected during this great event? We give you the solution! Below we mention several Wi-Fi connection options in the city of Barcelona and how they work.

Airport: Barcelona’s airport will receive its visitors with a fast and free Wi-Fi connection, although obviously this connection only works inside the airport. Access to WiFi is simple, in order to use it and enjoy Wifi on our first moments in Barcelona we will be asked to register by filling in some personal data.

Urban WiFi network: In the city of Barcelona there’s a public Wi-Fi network to which we can connect in several different locations of the city. The access points to this urban Wifi are varied (squares, parks, bus stops, etc) and access is also simple, but unfortunately it works at a slow speed and security is not guaranteed.

Touristic buses: On board of tour buses, free Wi-Fi is often offered, although the connection speed varies and fluctuates a lot depending on the geographical point where the bus is at and the quantity of people connected to the network. Obviously, it can only be used when we are on board.

WiFi in Hotels and apartments: Almost every hotel and apartment establishments offer WiFi to their customers. In many luxury hotels this connection is not included on the fee and can cost up to 10 euros per person per day. Elsewhere, the connection to WiFi is usually free and the performance offered by these networks is variable, during peak hours it’s generally bad (morning hours and night hours, when most guests are physically in the hotel or apartment). If what you need is a secure network, to work and manage private data, we do not recommend that you use these networks since they are considered the most dangerous and insecure of public networks due to its strong spread (necessary to reach all corners of the building), that makes it easy for any outsider intruder to connect.

Bars and restaurants: A very useful option is to connect in a bar or restaurant. The most typical establishments are Starbucks or McDonalds. In other establishments they use networks like Socialwibox, where the client can access to Internet in exchange for a like on the establishment’s Facebook page.
In other places, the owners directly share their personal Wi-Fi network, which makes the connection VERY insecure, due to the lack of safety measures to prevent intrusions, many of which do not even need a password, so anyone can join.

FON Network: Fon is a hotspots worldwide network (kind of a global Wi-Fi community). On their website you just check where the Fon hotspots are located (which are shared routers from other Fon users). If you’re interested in connecting to one you’ll need to be near the hotspot and buy a day pass through your app. This idea is brilliant, but on the down side, you’ll only be able to use it when being near the hotspot.

Wifivox: If what you need is security, mobility and a fast connection, your best option is Wifivox, our portable devices can be carried from one place to another and therefore enjoy connection anywhere, you can also share your Wifi connection with whoever you want, since you can connect up to ten devices at once and enjoy maximum speed (4G).

Deliveries and returns to your hotel or apartment in Barcelona and Madrid are completely free, you can also pick up your Wifivox device in our offices or at the airport.

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