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Posted by: Laia Fàbregas
13 December, 2016 - Travel spots

Park Güell, a vital stop of the Barcelona modernist route

To all lovers of architecture out there, the name Gaudi will definitely sound familiar. Considered a pioneer in his field and the face of Catalan modernism, his legacy has embellished Barcelona greatly, attracting tourists from all around the globe. One of the gems he left behind is the famous Park Güell, a large public park built between 1900 and 1914 and composed by gardens and several buildings in which the touch of Gaudí doesn’t go unnoticed.

Park Güell is named after the Count Eusebi Güell, a wealthy entrepeneur and friend of Antoni Gaudi with whom he happened to share similar interests. He therefore became the architect’s patron and employed him in several occasions, requesting some of his most symbolic constructions and among them the Park Güell, the most remarkable of them all. It can be found in Gracia district, at the northern part of Barcelona city.

Gaudí was known for leaning towards naturalism, usually representing organic forms in his buildings as well as colorful textures and geometry. The Park itself is home to a famous lizard or dragon who would soon become not only his icon, but also Barcelona’s as well. Its design is filled with tessellation and never fails to garner everyone’s attention.

The Park is open to visits all year round and has plenty accesses which can be consulted on its official website. We highly recommend taking the time to stroll around the park, as most building structures in the area are supposed to bring calmth to their viewers by simulating nature. It’s also usual to find street musicians on the way, which make the experience all the more magical. Don’t miss the chance to witness Gaudi’s art in all its glory!

The best way to get to Park Güell is by metro. The metro stop is Vallcarca (green line). Then you would just need to follow the signs towards the park. Check the following map for directions here.

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