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Privacy Policy

This statement reflects the policy of Wifivox regarding the use of personal data of visitors of this web site.


Wifivox respects your privacy and treats the personal data you provided to Wifivox with the utmost care. The personal data you provided to Wifivox will be processed in an electronic database and will be kept in accordance with the Spanish privacy act.


During and/or after visiting Wifivox's site, Wifivox collects and processes two different kinds of data: Statistic anonymous data relating to your visit of the Wifivox web site (these include data about the amount of visitors of the Wifivox web site, data about the visited pages on the Wifivox web site and data about the previously visited sites/domains of the visitors of the Wifivox web site). Personal data (these include personally identifiable information like a name, address, phone number and email address that you provided to Wifivox in order to be contacted or data provided for the quote request online form).


Wifivox collects and processes your personal data for the purpose of informing you, in a sufficient matter and at your own request, about the services of Wifivox. Statistic anonymous data are being processed in order to gain information about the accessibility of the Wifivox web site and can be used to optimize the accessibility of the Wifivox web site. Wifivox processes your personal data solely for internal purposes and does not give or sale any of your personal data to third parties.


Wifivox has made sufficient technical and organizational provisions in order to secure your personal data. Your personal data can only be accessed by authorized employees of Wifivox who need to have access to these data in order to be able to fulfil their given duties.


The Wifivox web site uses so called cookies. Cookies can be regarded as pieces of data that the Wifivox server sends to your browser. Your browser is able to write these data to the hard disk of your computer. The use of cookies enables Wifivox to give returning visitors access to the Wifivox web site in a faster and more efficient way. The use of cookies can be disabled in your browser settings. In case links to non-Wifivox web sites can be found on the Wifivox web site, Wifivox is not responsible for the content and the privacy practices of such web sites. Wifivox values a clear and transparent privacy policy. Wifivox therefore welcomes any improvement or supplement to its privacy policy. If you like to do so you can contact our legal department.

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