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10 January, 2020 - Travel spots

Rent a pocket wifi for Curaçao

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Enjoy Curaçao to the fullest visiting its main attractions!

Curaçao is a spectacular island with incredible natural landscapes, and as in many other Caribbean destinations the spectacular beaches and transparent waters do not lack.

Discover Willemstad Island, explore its downtown and walk around its streets, you’ll see majestic buildings that preserve the ancient colonial style.
Do not miss the ancestral plantations of Landhuizen, which are located on top of a hill.
Kenepa is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches, explore its two coves and enjoy the incredible views from its cliff.

Christoffelpark is a must see, it is the largest national park in Curaçao, which houses a unique local flora and fauna.

For those who love aquatic activities, Kalki or Jan Thiel are the best places to visit, thanks to the transparency of its waters the visibility under the water is great. You can discover beautiful coral formations and colorful fish.
Diving in Airplane Wreck is a unique experience, discover the remains of a sunken airplane covered by underwater fauna and flora.

Visit all these amazing places with Wifivox to stay connected at all times wherever you are!

Check out the following useful facts before visiting Curaçao:

Average temperature and rainfall:

Tipping etiquette:
Tipping in Curacao is very common.The average tip in most service establishments is around 10-15% if not already included in the bill. Also, while not mandatory, most tour guides and taxi drivers might expect a 5-10& tip or a round up.

Currency: Antillean guilder

TOP 3 Places to see in Curaçao:
1. Hato Caves
2. Christoffel Park
3. Fort Beekenburg

Voltage: 220 V


Zika outbreaks have been reported. It may cause birth defects so pregnant women should avoid visiting the country.

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