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10 January, 2020 - Travel spots

Rent a pocket wifi for Western Sahara

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Enjoy Western Sahara to the fullest visiting its main attractions!

Do not miss the famous city of Bojador, which also houses the popular “Cabo Bojador” with its tall and imposing lighthouse.
Visit the city of Smara and the stone remains of the great Maalainin Zawiy fortress, which formerly also housed an enormous mosque.

Dakhla is a picturesque fishing village where you can enjoy the beach and the sea, but if you move a little away from the coast, you can also feel as if you were in the middle of the Sahara desert, since this huge desert touches this city. Visit its military fortress, its modern Catholic church, and the imposing Assona mosque, all points of interest for visitors.

Do not miss the small town of Guelta Zemmur, this city acts as an enormous oasis, it retains rainwater for long periods of time. Previously this was one of the most important military fortresses in the country.

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Check out the following useful facts before visiting Western Sahara:

Average temperature and rainfall:

Tipping etiquette:
Tipping in Western Sahara has become more common as tourism increases. The average tip in is around 5-10% if not already included in the bill. Tipping tour guides isn’t customary if the tour has been arranged by an agency, otherwise a tip will be expected. Tipping taxi drivers is appreciated.

Currency: Moroccan Dirham

TOP 3 Places to see in Western Sahara:
1. Dakhla Peninsula
2. Assona Mosque
3. Cueva del diablo

Voltage: 220 V


You may need the Hepatitis A, B and Typhoid vaccines if your plan on visiting rural areas.

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