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22 November, 2019 - Travel spots

Roaming in Andorra… be careful!

Andorra has one of the most expensive phone and data plans in the world, you should keep in mind that this country is not included in the European Economic Area, despite being on the continent, so Roaming is not free.

A visit to this beautiful Pyrenean country can cost you a real fortune if you do not disconnect your mobile data usage. This has already happened on multiple occasions, is the case of Joaquín, who visited Andorra for a work trip and in just 2 hours, without making an unusual use of his mobile phone, his bill increased to 472€! His company immediately alerted him to deactivate his phone data usage.

Something similar happened to Josep, who visited this small town to do some Christmas shopping and after just 9 hours, and two active mobile lines, he received a phone bill of 3000€!

Depending on your phone company operator, the data usage rates in Andorra can vary between 3€ and 18€ for each consumed Mb!

Andorra Telecom, company that has monopoly of communications in Andorra, wants to keep roaming active, as it is its main source of income, and offers to establish “occasional” agreements with outside companies so that customers pay somewhat less, but far from establishing reasonable and affordable rates for visitors.

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