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Posted by: Laia Fàbregas
10 December, 2016 - Corporate

Spain’s public holidays in 2017

With the new year just right around the corner, we bring you a useful list of the updated public holidays in Spain for future references. Always make sure to take this into account whenever you plan your holidays, as most establishments and places of interest will remain closed at such specific dates, with a few exceptions. However, our offices will still be open for your convenience to ensure you the best connectivity while being away from home.

Also please keep in mind that we’re closed on Sundays but your queries will still be attended through our Premium email support, Facebook and Twitter so don’t ever hesitate to ask us about whatever information you might need.

Said public holidays can be found below:

January 6th
April 14th
May 1st
August 15th
October 12th
November 1st
December 6th
December 8th
December 25th

Wifivox offices will be open during all the mentioned bank holidays, except on January 6th, December 25th and 26th and on Sundays.

Also you must take into account that besides the national bank holidays, there are also autonomic bank holidays. For instance, September 11th is the National day of Catalonia, meaning everything will remain closed that day in Catalonia but not in the rest of the country. You can check all the autonomic bank holidays here.

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