Posted by: Wifivox
21 February, 2019 - Events

Stay connected during MWC 2019

Another year, the world’s largest and most important congress for the mobile industry takes place in the city of Barcelona from the 25th till the 28th of February.

Previous years experience ensures that visitors who attend the MWC have the need to stay connected 24/7, this is why Wifivox offers the best solution, a secure, portable and fast WiFi connection.

Wifivox portable devices can be carried anywhere, you can connect up to ten devices at once and enjoy maximum speed, they also offer up to 100Gb of monthly data.

Deliveries and returns at hotels or apartments in the city of Barcelona are free of charge, you can also swing by our stores to collect your own portable device or pick it up at Barcelona airport.

Attendees at MWC 2019 can now enjoy a 10% discount on their pocket wifi rental. Please use the following promo-code in the online booking form to take advantage of this discount: WIFIVOXMWC2019

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