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March 6th, 2020 in Corporate
Attention! New opening hours for our Barcelona and Madrid offices

From now on, starting next Monday March 9th, our Wifivox offices in Barcelona and Madrid will remain open from 9:00 AM till 7:00 PM uninterruptedly.

Wifivox Barcelona will continue to open Monday through Saturday, bank holidays included.

**Exceptions: Barcelona office will remain closed on January 6th, December 25th and 26th and on Sundays**

Wifivox Madrid will open Monday through Friday.

Reminder of where we are located:
Wifivox Barcelona in Carrer del Rosselló 324 very close to the Sagrada Familia! Swing by!
Wifivox Madrid in Calle General Lacy 20 right next to the Atocha station! Come visit us!

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February 6th, 2020 in Events
MWC 2020 is finally here!

As every year, the MWC (Mobile World Congress) arrives at Fira de Barcelona.

​​This is the most important mobile communication event in the world in its sector, where the latest innovations and technological advances meet together with the most influential visionaries, a space where international collaboration between mobile wireless communications is intended.

It will be held from next Monday 24th till Thursday 27th of February 2020 at Fira de Barcelona, in ​​Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Who can afford not to be connected during this important event? We give you the solution!

We are very aware that what you need is maximum security, mobility and a fast connection, that’s why Wifivox is your best ally.

Our portable devices can be transported comfortably from one place to another and, therefore, enjoy connection anywhere, you can also share your Wi-Fi connection since you can connect up to ten devices at the same time, and enjoy maximum speed (4G).

For MWC attendees we’re now offering a 10% discount using the code MWC2020 when placing your online reservation, take advantage of it!

Rent your Wifivox portable wifi now at:

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March 21st, 2018 in Corporate
Spain’s public holidays for 2018

This years Spanish work calendar gathers up ten common holidays. Some establishments and places of interest will remain closed during these specific dates, although, if you want to get to enjoy some typical Spanish festivities and learn more about our culture, these may be some good dates to come and visit us. If you are planning on visiting Spain this year you may want to take note of these specific dates.

January 1st – New Years

January 6th – Epiphany

March 30th – Holy Friday (Easter)

May 1st – Labour Day

August 15th – Assumption

October 12th – National Hispanic Day

November 1st – All Saints Day

December 6th – Constitution Day

December 8th – Immaculate Conception

December 25th – Christmas

Barcelona’s Wifivox office will remain open during almost every mentioned holiday for your convenience, to guarantee the best connectivity while being away from home.

*Exceptions: Sundays, January 1st, January 6th, December 25th and December 26th.

Madrid’s Wifivox office will remain closed during holidays and weekends, although some changes are estimated. We’ll further inform of any news.

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February 26th, 2018 in Eventos
Como estar conectado durante el MWC 2018

Un año más, el evento mundial más importante para la industria de le comunicación móvil ha llegado. Esta vez el MWC se celebrará del 26 de Febrero al 1 de Marzo en la ciudad de Barcelona.

Se trata de la mayor feria de la industria móvil en el mundo, e indudablemente la más importante. Es una gran oportunidad para operadores móviles, fabricantes de dispositivos, proveedores de tecnología, comerciales y creadores de contenidos procedentes de todas partes del mundo para presentar sus ideas, conseguir importantes ofertas de negocio y darse a conocer dentro de la industria.

Los asistentes del MWC necesitarán estar conectados 24/7. En la ciudad de Barcelona se pueden encontrar varias opciones en cuanto a conexión wifi.

Wifi Público de Barcelona: Existe un sistema de wifi gratuito que funciona por toda la ciudad, aunque este sistema es muy lento y no muy seguro. Podría ser de ayuda en un momento de necesidad, pero como hemos mencionado antes la conexión es muy lenta y al ser pública la seguridad no está garantizada.

Wifi del aeropuerto: Barcelona te recibirá en el aeropuerto con conexión wifi rápida y gratuita, normalmente funciona bien. Si se necesita mayor ancho de banda se debe pagar una tarifa premium. La única desventaja es que esta conexión solo funciona dentro del aeropuerto.

Wifi en los autobuses turísticos: El autobús turístico es una muy buena elección si quieres ver una panorámica de la ciudad, pero el wifi de a bordo funciona muy lentamente, sobre todo si está lleno. Además, solo podrás hacer uso de esta conexión mientras estés a bordo del autobús.

Hoteles y Apartamentos: normalmente ofrecen wifi gratis para los huéspedes pero no se suele tratar de una conexión fluida. Durante las primeras horas de la mañana y de la noche la conexión es muy lenta, ya que a estas horas muchas personas se encuentran en sus habitaciones y se conectan al mismo tiempo. Naturalmente, este sistema solo funciona estando dentro del hotel o apartamento. En hoteles 5 estrellas la conexión wifi suele ser de pago.

Restaurantes, bares y cafeterías: normalmente ofrecen wifi gratis, si no hay información que indique el servicio Wifi siempre le puedes preguntar a algún camarero y quizás te faciliten la contraseña. La seguridad en estos casos es un problema ya que en estas redes no se controlan los accesos, en algunos casos ni siquiera se requiere contraseña para conectarse.

Wifivox: Si lo que necesitas es seguridad, movilidad y una conexión rápida e ilimitada la mejor opción es Wifivox. Se puede llevar de un sitio a otro para tener conexión en cualquier lugar, pueden conectarse hasta diez dispositivos a la vez y disfrutar de datos ilimitados a máxima velocidad. Envios gratuitos a tu hotel o apartamento, recogida en nuestras oficinas o en el aeropuerto.

Podrás disfrutar de un 10% de descuento en tu alquiler Wifivox, envío y recogida gratuitos a tu hotel o apartamento dentro de Barcelona. (Para el uso exclusivo de los asistentes del MWC 2018).

Por favor usa el siguiente código promocional en tu alquiler online para poder disfrutar de esta oferta: WIFIVOXMWC2018

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February 26th, 2018 in Events
How to stay connected during MWC 2018

Once again the world’s most important and largest gathering for the mobile industry is here. This year the Mobile World Congress will take place from the 26th of February to the 1st of March in the city of Barcelona.

Once again the world’s most important and largest gathering for the mobile industry is here. This year the Mobile World Congress will take place from the 26th of February to the 1st of March in the city of Barcelona.

Visitors attending the MWC 2018 will need to be connected 24/7. In the city of Barcelona you can find several choices for wifi connection:

– Barcelona Public Wifi: There is a free citywide WIFI system that functions throughout the city but it works slowly and it’s not a very secure choice. It could save your needs in a very specific moment, but as mentioned earlier, it’s a slow network, it’s public (so security is not guaranteed) and hotspots are only available in specific spots.

– Airport wifi: Barcelona will welcome you at the airport with a free and fast wifi, that usually works fine. If you need extra bandwidth there is a paid premium rate. The downside is you can only use it while you’re there at the airport.

– Touristic bus wifi: The touristic city-tour buses are a great option to get a view of the city but the wifi onboard works poorly if the bus is full and you can only connect onboard obviously.

– Hotels and rental apartments: they usually offer free wifi but performance is really poor in most of them during the first hours of the morning and during the night which is the time when most of the guests are at the hotel, and using wifi at the same time. Also can only use it while you are at the hotel, and 5 star hotels normally charge you for the wifi service.

– Bars and restaurants: they normally offer free wifi. If you don’t see any banner announcing the wifi service you can ask the waiter and they will sometimes give you the wifi password. Security is a real problem as Wifi networks don’t have any access control and sometimes they don’t have even password.

– Wifivox: If what you need is security, mobility and a fast unlimited connection your best choice is Wifivox. You can carry it around with you anywhere, connect ten devices at once and enjoy unlimited data at maximum speed. We can deliver it for free to your hotel or apartment, collect it at our stores or pick it up at the airport.

You will enjoy 10% discount on your pocket wifi rental with free delivery and return to your hotel or apartment in Barcelona. (For the exclusive benefit of the MWC 2018 attendees). Please use of the following promo code on your online booking form to take advantage of this offer: WIFIVOXMWC2018

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February 15th, 2017 in Events
Wifi connection for the Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2017

At the end of this month, between February 27th and March 2nd, the 12th edition of the Mobile World Congress will take place in Barcelona. As in previous years, Wifivox will be the preferred pocket wifi solution for visitors to the MWC 2017 who need constant and unlimited data access 24/7.

As some of you may already know, the MWC, otherwise known as Mobile World Congress, is the largest exhibition worldwide that’s focused in global mobile industry, as well as a conference in which representatives of many prominent companies of the technological sector from across the globe will be present to search for industry opportunities, doing deals and networking. Annual attendance ranges generally between 90.000 and 100.000 people, which makes the MWC a business phenomenon and an obligatory visit to any potential promoter of international collaboration in mobile wireless communications.

Considering the activities held in the conference as well as the tools to be displayed, connecting to the Internet is an undeniable priority for every attendee. During the event itself and for business purposes, the necessity for instant and unlimited access is essential, but also for private use when the busy day is done, to allow oneself a moment of leisure. Needless to say, with such a remarkable crowd in a limited space at a given time, a secure connection is, if anything, imperative.

That is exactly what the flexibility of the Wifivox can offer: fast Internet connection for both work and play. The beauty of it is its unlimited data download meaning hours of secure connection for business purposes and private use afterwards or in the meantime.

For this reason, and for the exclusive benefit of the MWC 2017 attendees, we have prepared a special 10% discount on your pocket wifi rental and free delivery and collection to your hotel or apartment in Barcelona city. We believe that Internet should be easily accessible both practically and economically speaking so we would like to present this offer to make the MWC 2017 experience the more enjoyable for everybody.

Please use of the following promo code on your online booking form to take advantage of this offer: MWCWIFIVOX17

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December 16th, 2016 in Corporate
Wifivox virtual tour is now available!

Ever wanted to know how our new office looks like? You can now take a look by clicking on the link below! As some of you may already know, our Barcelona office was recently relocated and is now in Rosselló street 324, near La Sagrada Familia. It’s a nice area with plenty of restaurants and bars nearby, usually frequented by tourists and very easy to find. You won’t regret paying us a visit, be it physically or virtually!

—–>Click here to virtually visit Barcelona’s new Wifivox office<——

We remind you all that we’re completely at your disposal from Monday to Saturday, from 10 AM to 2 PM and from 16 PM to 20 PM.

In 2017 we will be open even more days to offer you a better service during your rental. The only days the Barcelona’s office will be closed in 2017 will be January 6h, December 25th and 26th and Sundays. However those days, as usual, we will offer our Premium support service through e-mail, Twitter and Facebook.

And also great news ahead, we will open a new office in Madrid at the beginning of next year. Stay tuned for more updates!

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December 13th, 2016 in Travel spots
Park Güell, a vital stop of the Barcelona modernist route

To all lovers of architecture out there, the name Gaudi will definitely sound familiar. Considered a pioneer in his field and the face of Catalan modernism, his legacy has embellished Barcelona greatly, attracting tourists from all around the globe. One of the gems he left behind is the famous Park Güell, a large public park built between 1900 and 1914 and composed by gardens and several buildings in which the touch of Gaudí doesn’t go unnoticed.

Park Güell is named after the Count Eusebi Güell, a wealthy entrepeneur and friend of Antoni Gaudi with whom he happened to share similar interests. He therefore became the architect’s patron and employed him in several occasions, requesting some of his most symbolic constructions and among them the Park Güell, the most remarkable of them all. It can be found in Gracia district, at the northern part of Barcelona city.

Gaudí was known for leaning towards naturalism, usually representing organic forms in his buildings as well as colorful textures and geometry. The Park itself is home to a famous lizard or dragon who would soon become not only his icon, but also Barcelona’s as well. Its design is filled with tessellation and never fails to garner everyone’s attention.

The Park is open to visits all year round and has plenty accesses which can be consulted on its official website. We highly recommend taking the time to stroll around the park, as most building structures in the area are supposed to bring calmth to their viewers by simulating nature. It’s also usual to find street musicians on the way, which make the experience all the more magical. Don’t miss the chance to witness Gaudi’s art in all its glory!

The best way to get to Park Güell is by metro. The metro stop is Vallcarca (green line). Then you would just need to follow the signs towards the park. Check the following map for directions here.

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November 29th, 2016 in Corporate
Wifivox pick-up at the airport is now available!

We are pleased to announce that we can now arrange deliveries to both Barcelona and Madrid airport directly for your convenience! Save time by picking your Wifivox right after your plane lands and stay connected at all times following the instructions provided below.

The pick-up point you must seek is located at the Left Luggage Desk (also called Consigna) which is managed by the Excess Baggage Company and is open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

In Barcelona airport, the Left Luggage Desk can be found at Terminal 1, while in Madrid airport, at Terminal 4. You can see its exact position in the following maps, indicated with a yellow icon.

Both can be easily located by following the signs for Left Luggage / Consigna around the airport, and they’re next to the Lost and Found office.

Please keep in mind that you’ll have to present some photo ID in order to claim the package sent in your name. The Wifivox reservation number isn’t valid for its collection.
You can also drop your Wifivox at the same location, by leaving it inside the envelope we provide you and handing it at the Left Luggage Desk. Quick and practical!

IMPORTANT: Also note that, for now, the booking must be previously managed online for you to collect your Wifivox at the airport. Soon, however, we’ll enable the possibility to book it at the airport itself. Stay tuned for more updates!

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November 22nd, 2016 in Travel spots
Christmas is coming to Barcelona: Santa Llúcia market

As Christmas approaches, a jolly feeling fills the streets of every city in the world and of course, Barcelona could be no less. La Fira de Santa Llúcia takes place at this time of the year, gathering a huge amount of stands in the cathedral area for three weeks long, and up until Christmas Eve.

While not being the only christmas market in the city, it is indeed the oldest as it’s been celebrated ever since 1786, becoming a tradition as well as a must-see for both citizens and tourists alike.

One can find all kinds of items around the market, such as the most traditional Christmas ornaments here in Catalonia (Christmas trees, crib figures and the famous caga tió, as seen below) and a wide range of gift items (costume jewelry, puppets, artisan toys and Christmas sweets).

We highly recommend strolling around the market and visiting la Plaça de Sant Jaume, where the main hall is located, and where you can witness the most famous living nativity scene in the whole city. However, this year, the crib gives off a rather contemporary vibe as it’s presented within inflatable balls.

This year the market opens its doors on November 25th until December 23rd, from 10:30 to 20:30 on working days and 10:30 to 21:30 on public holidays. We recommend a night visit to dip yourselves in the most magical side of the city that is Barcelona.

How to arrive: The market occupies la Plaça Nova, where la Catedral de Barcelona is located. The closest underground stops are Liceu (L3) and Jaume I (L4) (see map).

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