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June 11th, 2013 in Travel spots
The shortest street in Barcelona

Carrer de l’Anisadeta, measuring just 6 meters from the corner to the edge of the Santa Maria square, is the shortest street in Barcelona.

If you’ve ever visited Barcelona you may have walked through this street on countless occasions without being aware it was even a street. This little alley connects the famous Santa Maria square with Canvis Vells street, and thousands of tourists walk through it every day on their way to the Barceloneta area.

In just a few meters this street hosts 3 nameplates, 3 bollards, 3 trash bins and a tenant: the restaurant La Vinya del Senyor, which has a side access here (the main door is located in the square).

The Anisadeta street also has some history behind. The port workers had a small table installed on this street with anise and water. When their work shift ended they came here and manufactured a drink called Anisadeta (a mix of anise and water), which ended up giving name to the street.

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