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September 4th, 2018 in Travel apps
The dangers of public Wi-Fi networks

Public Wi-Fi networks allow us to connect to the Internet in an easy and fast way, since usually they do not require a password. However, connecting to an open WiFi is not always safe, there can be anyone behind these networks, even a cybercriminal. When we connect to these networks, we are losing control of what is being transmitted and who is connected.

With public wifi networks offered by libraries, buses, trains, airports, hotels and other services, we can be sure that the administrator of the WiFi network is safe, but really anyone connected to this network can easily use techniques to steal information from us. The data traffic that takes place within these networks will be visible to sniffers, which are computer programs that record all the information sent and received by our devices.

While browsing on secure pages (those starting with https) or using familiar applications, our data will not be at risk, but if not, we must be especially careful with passwords, since, if we are in an unsecured network (do not start with https), a tracker could detect our data traffic without the need for encryption. If we access any account or subscription with the same username and password that we use for everything, a cybercriminal could enter our Facebook, email, Twitter, etc and could extort our contacts to get money. A well-known fraud is the one in which the extortioner contacts our friends or relatives through Facebook and tells them that we are abroad and we’ve been robbed, so we need a large amount of money to be able to return. That’s why it is very important not to use the same credentials for all our accounts.

We must always make sure to connect to the correct network, it is very common for cyber-criminals to create false WiFi networks with a similar name to the secure network to fool users.
To prevent any unpleasant situations it’s better to always deactivate from our device any synchronization process if we are connecting to a public network. Always keep the device updated, with the antivirus installed correctly and, if possible, use a firewall.

Avoid completely doing bank transactions, online purchases or any other task that involves the exchange of private data in public Wi-Fi networks.

To avoid all these dangers, it is preferable not to connect to public wireless networks and instead access only private Wi-Fi networks, Wifivox is the best option if you are concerned about the security of your online accounts and private data since it is a totally private and secure network.

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