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April 21st, 2021 in Corporate
Tips for traveling without speaking the local language

Go with the basics already learned. It’s not necessary to speak a language fluently to travel abroad, however, if you do not speak the language, it’s advisable to spend a little time learning basic words and phrases that will surely be useful to you. You’d not believe how much it can help you to know few basic words such as: “Hi, Thank you, Yes, No, Please, Bathroom, Help…”

Smiling is very useful in almost any country, except Russia where it’s not usual to smile at foreigners, but generally by being nice to the locals they’ll try to help you as much as they can despite the language barrier.

Make hand gestures. Pointing, imitating, or trying to communicate with your hands often gets your message across. Be careful because in certain countries you can offend with certain gestures, if you think this is the case and you have offended someone by mistake, ask for forgiveness, the word “sorry” in English accompanied by the gesture of putting your hands together (prayer) is known globally.

Download a translation App on your phone. The Google Translate app is a very good option, camera focus on the text you want to translate (a menu, a sign …) and the app will translate it instantly. It also makes it easy for you to have a conversation with someone, use the microphone to say what you want in your language and the app will translate it into the selected language.

Have the route from the airport to your hotel already clear. If you’ve decided to go by train or bus to the city, be very clear about which lines you should take and where to find them, airports usually have signs in English or recognizable signs. If you plan to take a taxi, find out before what they usually charge to avoid scams, and if they offer you the possibility, best option is to use your hotel’s shuttle.

Take a paper map with you in the local language. You can easily get one at your hotel, ask a receptionist to mark the places you want to visit, in case of loss, just by pointing to the place on the map they will quickly know where you want to go and will try to help you get to your destination.

IMPORTANT, take a hotel card or write down somewhere the address where you are staying, in case of loss you can always show it to someone and they will for sure help you return without problems.

Take one of our portable Wi-Fi devices with you! Stay connected anywhere in the world with Wifivox and check the internet, Google Maps or whatever you want when necessary. Visit https://wifivox.com/ and rent or buy your own portable Wi-Fi to take it with you wherever you want.

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March 24th, 2021 in Corporate
TravelWifi opens its doors in Paris!

Finally, this ambitious project that was visualized at the end of 2019 and started in February 2020 is today a reality. The tourism industry, like many others, has been tremendously affected by the global pandemic that we’re experiencing, but despite the situation, TravelWifi did not give up this dream of opening a modern high-end store in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Paris.

The new store is located on the famous “Avenue de l’Opéra”, located in the exclusive and touristic 2nd District of Paris, it’s located right next to the elegant Opera Garnier, the luxurious Galeries Lafayette and the important Louvre museum.

In the store you can find innovative articles and travel accessories, assistance with your stay in Paris and of course our portable Wi-Fi devices. In addition, our charming team will be there to assist you Monday through Saturday from 11 AM to 5 PM.

Don’t hesitate to pay us a visit! You’ll find us at 38 Avenue de l’Opéra – 75002 Paris, corner with rue “Louis Le Grand”.

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March 9th, 2021 in Corporate
We have great news… We’re joining the Travelwifi family!

Since last November, Wifivox has teamed up with TravelWifi to expand its footprint around the world by offering portable Wi-Fi available for renting or purchasing.

In any leisure or business trip there’s an indispensable tool that you cannot travel without, WiFi connection. We make sure to provide this tool for you since our devices ensure the best connection anywhere and anytime… in the most reliable, safe and easy way.

Stay connected anywhere in the world at all times with us!
Welcome to the TravelWifi family!

Our journey together has just began, get ready to enjoy incredible advantages

We offer secure and strong WiFi connection through modern and easy to use devices, coverage in more than 140 countries, support team available 24 hours seven days a week, presence in airports, offices in more than 35 countries, a network of more than 300 operators around the world, competitive prices… and much more!

Through the “multihoming” solution, TravelWifi devices are able to connect automatically to the operator that offers the best coverage at every moment and every place, and change from one to another to ensure the best connection at all times.

It’s a simple, secure and easy to use solution. Our units allow to connect several devices at the same time (smartphones, tablets, laptops) with better performance at a lower cost compared to traditional roaming services. More powerful battery life, our devices offer safe and secure Internet access for up to 12 hours without the need to connect it to the electrical network. Enjoy special rates and flexible data plans.

Meet Travelwifi

TravelWifi is the new brand name adopted by the group of companies that make up DHI Telecom, one of the world’s leading Internet service providers.

Founded in 2007, TravelWifi is the main Internet service provider for the US military. It has expanded its portfolio of products and services to provide Internet connection in more than 140 countries around the world through mobile operators, using portable units and routers that work with virtual SIMs. TravelWifi has offices in Houston, Paris, London, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Santiago de Chile, Singapore and Jakarta, as well as presence in 20 other countries. TravelWifi was introduced to the Spanish market when Wifivox became part of the DHI family in October 2020.

Meet all the members of the family

Building a global footprint

TravelWifi is not like other telecommunications companies, we have joined forces with other Internet service leader companies around the world, with different experts in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the United States, now we offer more solutions to keep you connected.

Companies that make up our family:

TEP: A modern, recognizable and trustworthy brand with a strong following of American travelers.
TravelWifi: An original brand, based in Paris, with very high visibility in airports, tourist offices and events. The TravelWifi name encompasses everything we do and how we do it.
Trinus: A modern, professional and sophisticated solution with a solid B2B customer base in Latin America, offering SIM Cards to be used in more than 190 countries.
Yogofi: For intelligent travelers with a strong Asian customer base, B2B2C capability, and great partnerships in the hospitality industry.
Bienvenue: A modern, sophisticated and customer-service oriented company with a strong B2B2C influence in the hospitality and travelling industry.

Our star product, the Sapphire portable router, has been used by the United States military with tens of thousands of users. Each of our acquisitions enhances our goal of making connectivity fast, easy and secure, no matter where your journey takes you.

Our customers now have access to portable Wi-Fi technology with Virtual SIM Cards in more than 140 countries. As well as accessories for mobile connectivity and travel assistance. We want to simplify your travels, innovating in connectivity solutions that keep you connected while on the go. That is our mission.

Special promotion

To celebrate this special occasion we offer a 10% discount on your online rental with the code TRAVELWIFI2021 RENT HERE Valid from 9 till 20 March.

Also, for the purchase of your portable device we give you a 10€ discount + 2GB for free, total offer: 125€

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