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November 15th, 2013 in Corporate
Collaboration agreement signed with Barcelona Turisme

Wifivox has recently signed a collaboration agreement with the official Barcelona tourism board: Barcelona Turisme. This is a strategical move towards the deployment of the Wifivox brand in Barcelona.

Thanks to this agreement tourists visiting Barcelona will be able to rent the Wifivox devices in any tourism office of the city as well as in the official Barcelona Turisme website.

Barcelona Turisme has provided us a long requested special drop-off point: the airport. All customers renting a Wifivox through the official tourism offices will be able to drop-off their devices in Terminal 1 and 2 of the Barcelona airport besides the other available standard drop-off points (hotels, apartments, special drop-off points or our shop in c/ Agullers 18).

We are looking forward to further strengthening our relationship with Barcelona Turisme and developing a successful collaboration in the long term.

You can check all the official Barcelona Turisme information points here or rent online at their site (www.bcnshop.com).

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November 4th, 2013 in Press
Wifivox interview in Catalunya Ràdio

On Saturday 2nd November, Wifivox was invited to the Catalunya Ràdio program “Generació Digital” presented by Albert Murillo.

Generació Digital is a radio weekly program about technology, online entertainment and digital culture hosted by Albert Murillo in Catalunya Ràdio. In last Saturday’s program we were invited to talk about our business and how tourists visiting Spain are taking advantage of the Wifivox device to stay connected everywhere they go. Special thanks to Gina Tost.

You can hear the full interview here:

[Wifivox interview in Catalunya Ràdio program “Generació digital”]

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July 22nd, 2013 in Press
Wifivox highlighted in Cuatro TV

On Saturday 20 July, Wifivox was highlighted in “Noticias Cuatro”, the Cuatro TV prime time news program presented by Miguel Ángel Oliver.

The Cuatro report talked about the advantages of using a Wifivox device while visiting Spain and then followed some of our customers (Carrie, Erika and Samir) around Barcelona while they were using the device.

You can view the full ·Noticias Cuatro” news program in the following link:

Noticias Cuatro – 20 July 2013

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July 16th, 2013 in Press
Wifivox highlighted in CNN Travel

On 10th July, Wifivox was highlighted in a CNN Travel article talking about WIFI and travel.

You can check the full article here:

“Travel’s biggest rip-off to end soon?” – CNN Travel – 10th July

You can also download the article in PDF by clicking on the following link:

Download article “Travel’s biggest rip-off to end soon?”

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July 9th, 2013 in Corporate
Wifivox, now with Web Live Chat support

Dear customers, we are presenting today our Live Chat support. Until today we primarily used email, telephone and Twitter for customer support. As the Internet rapidly expands, people look for faster and more direct methods to contact support.

We have seen that most customers are looking for an extremely immediate response to their issues and questions. Live Chat support changed the way that many online businesses handle support, and we believe it is an asset to our customers.

Using Live Chat communication will enable Wifivox to take a more customer-oriented approach to handling support. Customers will get an immediate access to support, and we will be able to retain the major benefits of email support such as multitasking and history records. Customers can get instant responses of anything they would like to know both before the service and during the rental period. We have identified our goal with Live Chat as to help most customers solve their problems in a single chat session.

So whether you have a question in regards to general service understanding, some doubts related to the order or payment process, or issue during the rental process, Wifivox will solve it right away with Live Chat.

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June 19th, 2013 in Travel apps
Being connected while travelling abroad

We are so used to using Whatsapp or Line to chat with our family and friends. Send or check emails. Use Skype for calling our contacts for free. Use Google Maps to locate any places and find our way. Or get lost in the city knowing we will be able to use our smartphone’s GPS. Share our status on Facebook or Twitter. Upload our cool photos on Instagram. Use Trip Advisor or Booking or so many other useful apps for travelling.

We are used to being connected at all times in our home countries. However, we usually forget that when travelling abroad, most of this cool and super useful functionality will be offline.

Wouldn’t it be cool to visit a new country while having Internet access anywhere you go on the move? Well, this is now no utopia with Wifivox, the Pocket Wifi rental in Spain.

With Wifivox, based in Barcelona, you will be able to rent a little portable mobile device for the days you will be spending in Spain. Once you have the device on your hands you will create a mobile WiFi hotspot and be able to connect up to 10 devices at the same time. You will get unlimited bandwidth, a fixed price per day and full coverage in Spain.

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June 1st, 2013 in Corporate
Wifivox Spotify playlists

Here you have a selection of Spotify playlists we’ve created specially for you. Enjoy!

FIB 2013 – Wifivox’s selection (18th July 2013)
A selection of the best tunes of this year’s Benicàssim Festival (Arctic Monkeys, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Killers, Primal Scream, Miles Kane, Beady Eye, etc)

Sónar 2013 – Wifivox’s selection (13th June 2013)
A special selection of some of the songs that will be played in this year’s edition of Sónar Festival in Barcelona. (Pet Shop Boys, Kraftwerk, Skrillex, Justice, Jamie Lidell, Diplo, etc)

Primavera Sound 2013 – Wifivox’s selection (1st June 2013)
A great selection of the best tunes that were played on Primavera Sound 2013 (Blur, Phoenix, Tame Impala, Django Django, Jesus and Mary Chain, etc)

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May 29th, 2013 in Travel apps
Same day hotel booking apps

There are so many great apps that you can use for your trip to Spain. In this post we will talk about a special kind of hotel reservation mobile applications. There are now three different options, usually called ‘Same day hotel booking apps’. These applications will let you book a selection of daily refreshed cool hotels at a special price. The only condition is… you can only book from noon on the same day of the reservation.

The first one to ever be created was Hotel Tonight (www.hoteltonight.com). The app launched back in January 2011, being initially focused on the US market. This astonishingly well-designed app has recently landed to Spain. The cities with daily hotel offers are however still limited to Barcelona, Madrid and Málaga (Costa del Sol). It is still unclear if the company is planning to expand their offer to other regions in Spain. There are indeed many other cities around the word available; you can check them out right from the app.

Blink (www.blinkbooking.com) is considered to be the first Spanish app for reserving hotels on the same day. The app has expanded its reach to 7 countries and 163 cities. Blink has a greater penetration in Spain and includes hotels in many different cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Cuenca and Santiago de Compostela among many others. Blink offers the option to get the first night for the day after, as well as selecting up to 7 nights. Each city is divided into different areas containing up to 4 different hotels.

Really Late Booking (www.reallylatebooking.com) is also a Spanish initiative. It promises to take no more than 10 seconds to reserve a room. The app only accepts payments via Visa, American Express and Mastercard, not through Paypal. You will be able to find hotels in 25 cities in Spain. It uses the smartphone’s GPS to find the nearest hotels around you, which makes it really fast to use if you are already in the area where you wish to spend the night.

You can check how this amazing app works in the following video:

If you are that kind of tourist who doesn’t like to plan everything in detail or somebody who likes the taste of a bit of extra adventure every now and then, then these hotel reservation apps are made for you. Why not discovering something unexpected? When you come to Spain, if you want to fully experience the great advantages of these same day reservations apps don’t forget to rent a Wifivox, your personal Wifi hotspot.

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