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6 April, 2021 - Corporate

The most useful travel gadgets

These smart accessories can be of great help to travelers nowadays, below you’ll find a list of travel devices that can make your life much easier while on-the-go and ensure that your next trips are easier, safer and more enjoyable.

Smart suitcase

Smart suitcases are something relatively new, although we see them more and more frequently and it’s not surprising, this invention is really useful. From your own mobile phone you can locate your suitcase at all times. Some models even allow you to charge your electronic devices on it through a USB port. Take a look at this Smart suitcase model that also has handsfree system and recognition of the human body

Universal plug adapter

This useful device has become a travel essential, it’s pretty convenient to be able to carry a small all-in-one adapter that allows you to plug your devices all over the world. This universal plug is affordable and functional

Smartphone stabilizer

One of the most used accessories today, this smart gadget allows us to record much sharper videos without worrying about the uncomfortable hand shakings and take photos or selfies more easily since you can manage all the camera settings from its handle. Take a look at the DJI Osmo pocket which is both stabilizer and a very powerful camera.

Travel iron

How many times have you reached your destination and opened your suitcase to discover all the clothes all crumpled up, no matter how well you folded, there’s always something that gets all wrinkly… but don’t worry! A mini travelling iron can save your life, it takes up practically no space and is very easy to use. This travel iron from Taurus takes up little space, light and practical


The Powerbank or external battery is another of the travel essentials, it allows you to charge your devices anywhere and at any time without the need to plug anything, even while flying. Charge up to two devices at the same time with this Xiaomi powerbank


Last but not least, the Wifivox portable Wi-Fi allows you to stay connected anywhere in the world and at all times, very easy to use, convenient to transport as it takes up very little space and totally safe. Connect several devices at the same time, share it with whoever you want! Visit https://wifivox.com/ and rent or buy your own portable device.

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