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Posted by: Wifivox
30 March, 2021 - Corporate

Tips to take better pictures with your Smartphone

If you’re interested in improving your photography skills without having to buy an expensive professional equipment, pay attention! Below you’ll find several tips to up your game and start taking quality photos using your Smartphone.

1 – Use the camera settings. Some of the settings may seem a bit complicated to use, but there are some basic ones that can easily help you improve your photos. Just by touching the screen of our device, it automatically identifies the subject of our picture and focuses. Other easy-to-use settings are brightness, contrast, saturation, among others.

2 – Keep the lens clean. Keep in mind that your Smartphone tends to get dirty all the time since we handle it a lot, therefore the lens gets easily dirty and this can be reflected in the quality of your photos.

3 – Take advantage of natural light whenever possible. This is the key factor in photography, as long as there is good lighting, both indoors and outdoors, you’ll have a much better chance to get an optimal result on your pictures.

4 – Increase the power of your lens. There are small and inexpensive gadgets that you can easily place on your Smartphone that help you significantly improve the appearance and quality of your photos.

5 – Don’t be afraid to use the grid. Framing is another very important aspect of a good photo, using the grid will allow you to adjust the image easily. Most Smartphones include this option, so we invite you to try this useful tool.

6 – Practice macro photography. This technique consists of capturing very small objects or details and expanding their scale, creating a very striking effect that significantly highlights the small details.

7 – Photo editors, our great allies. There is nothing that we cannot fix with a good editing app, from retouching the color or exposure, to adjusting the frame, increasing the light or testing the effect of the innumerable filters.

8 – Take a lot of pictures. It’s very difficult to get the perfect photo the first time, so it’s best to arm yourself with patience and start shooting till you get the desired result.

Put these helpful tips into practice and become a pro at taking pictures with your phone! Wifivox allows you to stay connected all over the world at all times so that you can share your works of art with your family, friends and social media profiles.

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