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16 May, 2018 - Restaurants

Travelling for food

Travelling around the world is always exciting and one of the best reasons to do it is for the gastronomy. To discover other cultures and its customs is something very rewarding but through food is how you really get to know a place.

In the following lines, you will find a list of some of the most attractive cities for their exquisite gastronomy.

Tokyo: it has more Michelin stars than any other city. Offers a lot of food variety adjusting to any wallet. From its traditional street food to the most exclusive restaurants and its molecular cuisine. Among the most typical plates are of course Sushi, the delicious ramen, the little balls filled with octopus called takoyaki or the famous dorayakis filled with a typical red bean sweet dough.

Singapore: food is one of its most attractive features about its culture. Singapore’s gastronomy is influenced mainly by Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisines. It is a great example of ethnic mixture and diversity of cultures. You can cook it with black pepper, chile sauce or with any other seasoning, but crab is the most typical plate in the country.

Lima: considered as the “gastronomy capital” of Latin America, its tradition is millenary. Their famous ceviche it’s considered their most exquisite plate, but Lima has more to offer… from their filled-in potatoes or their sancochado, you can find different options for everyone’s taste.

San Sebastián: maybe top destination of gastronomy in the world. Vasque cuisine is internationally known, also for their world famous chefs. San Sebastian’s food offer is well known for their great quality and seasonal products. The majority of their most typical plates include seafood; txangurro in the oven, hake kokotxas with green sauce, clams “marinera style” or roasted sea bream.

New York: being one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, NY offers an infinite number of meal choices from every nationality. As their classic and most typical American recipe, we have the famous burgers; you can’t leave NY without trying some of the most popular ones. Their giant pastrami sandwiches, hot dogs or pizza (even though this one is Italian) sum up other popular gastronomic choices you can find in this awesome city.

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