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Posted by: Wifivox
6 July, 2013 - Travel apps

Upgrade to a traveller 2.0. The perfect complement to your Hotel’s WiFi

Whether you are coming to Spain as a tourist or for business matters, full time Internet access will always be something desired. After years of having a smartphone, tablet or laptop in our hands we have developed a natural instinct for looking for WiFis while abroad.

Before travelling to Spain, a traveller 2.0 will normally book a room in a Hotel offering free WiFi. It wasn’t easy in the early years, when WiFi was in its infancy, to find a Hotel offering it for free in the guest rooms or lobbies. Now, pretty much every hotel in Spain has WiFi. However the problems we had years ago still remain today. It is not always reliable and it is not always free.

Furthermore some new issues have popped up, you may only connect one single device per room, as some WiFi networks are too old to handle several devices at once. Other problems come from bandwidth demand, which has direct relation with the Internet access speed that Hotels have contracted. During the last years there has been an extremely quick rise on customer bandwidth voracious applications, which are saturating their networks and forcing them to invest more money for higher bandwidth. This is the main reason explaining why some Hotels still charge per day and in some cases per device.

But being able to connect to the Internet effectively in the hotel is just the first step. Let’s say you have some business to do and need to leave the Hotel for a meeting, or wish to do some tourism around the city. Isn’t it so natural to leave the Hotel at some time? Of course you can be offline for about 12 hours until you are back… But wouldn’t it be comfortable to carry with you a WiFi Hotspot anywhere you go?

Well, this is exactly what Wifivox provides. By carrying a little pocket-sized device, what we call a Wifivox, you will be able to enjoy Internet access anywhere you go in Spain. To give you a rough idea this would be like shrinking your home’s WiFi router, putting a battery in it and carrying it around with you. The Wifivox is the longest lasting device, with up to 10-12 hours of battery life. It creates a secured WiFi Hotspot 15 meters around you. You can then share the same connection with up to 10 devices or people (family, friends, groups…) at once, enjoying prepaid unlimited Internet for a daily price of 6.99€.

Either if your Hotel’s WiFi is inexistent, not reliable enough or simply offers a too limited signal range for you, Wifivox will fit you perfectly. Once connected, when you are in the Hotel or out in the city, you will be able to enjoy the full capacity of your smartphones’ and tablets’ apps. Anyone has experienced Google Maps or Trip Advisor apps when travelling? Well, this is just the beginning on what you really could do with a Wifivox in your pocket. If you want to be a traveller 2.0 you just need to rent a pocket WiFi for the days you will be spending in Spain… and enjoy!

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