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23 June, 2021 - Travel spots

What to include in your travel first-aid kit.

When it comes to traveling, a thousand unforeseen events can arise, so it’s better to be well prepared. Be cautious and prepare a good first-aid kit with the basics that you’ll find below.

Bandages and plasters
To cover a blister on the foot due to the long distance walks or an injury for fall, bandages and plasters are a basic that you should always include.

Ibuprofen, paracetamol, aspirin… whatever your trusted pain reliever is, don’t forget to take it with you, they can always save you from unexpected back pain or the mythical headache.

Even if your destination is not sun and beach, but especially if it is, sunscreen is a must that you should always carry on your trips. It’s very important that whenever you expose yourself to the sun you protect your skin and thus avoid the dreaded burns.

Personal medicines
If you regularly follow any treatment or take vitamins on a daily basis, don’t forget them!

It never hurts to take one with you, especially if you travel with children. In these times of pandemic we live in, the thermometer can give you a clear warning of whether or not there’s something to worry about.

Anti-inflammatory ointment
Surely at some point in one of your trips you’ve taken a blow, a good ointment will reduce the inflammation and prevent the bruise from growing.

We hope you don’t end up using any of this but you know… prevention is better than cure!

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