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20 January, 2014 - Corporate

Wifi connection during Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2014

Next month, between the 24th and 27th of February, the 9th edition of the well-known Mobile World Congress will take place in Barcelona. Thousands of professionals (around 75.000 according to the organization) will meet during 4 days in the city.

Being one of the largest tech conferences in the world, connection to the Internet is one of the top priorities for every professional attending the show. If you’ve visited Mobile World Congress in the past years, you might have noticed the poor performance of the Wifi network at the venue. Thousands of professionals using the same Wifi network at the same time caused choppy Internet connection. Even for companies presenting their new products and services the connection quality was a huge problem. Just unacceptable.

Wifivox will help you out with this problem. We will provide you with your personal Wifi Hotspot, with unlimited data where you can connect up to 10 persons of your team at the same time. You will suffer no more problems with the Internet connection. Besides that, you will still have an Internet connection when you move around the city, providing an excellent customer experience during your stay in Barcelona.

We have prepared a very special offer for all the MWC 2014 attendees: you will enjoy of a 10% discount in your pocket Wifi rental and FREE DELIVERY AND COLLECTION to your hotel or apartment in Barcelona. We want you to enjoy Internet connection without getting worried about anything else.

Use the following promo code in our booking form to take advantage of this offer: MWCWIFIVOX

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