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Posted by: Wifivox
9 July, 2013 - Corporate

Wifivox, now with Web Live Chat support

Dear customers, we are presenting today our Live Chat support. Until today we primarily used email, telephone and Twitter for customer support. As the Internet rapidly expands, people look for faster and more direct methods to contact support.

We have seen that most customers are looking for an extremely immediate response to their issues and questions. Live Chat support changed the way that many online businesses handle support, and we believe it is an asset to our customers.

Using Live Chat communication will enable Wifivox to take a more customer-oriented approach to handling support. Customers will get an immediate access to support, and we will be able to retain the major benefits of email support such as multitasking and history records. Customers can get instant responses of anything they would like to know both before the service and during the rental period. We have identified our goal with Live Chat as to help most customers solve their problems in a single chat session.

So whether you have a question in regards to general service understanding, some doubts related to the order or payment process, or issue during the rental process, Wifivox will solve it right away with Live Chat.

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